Non-downloadable video streaming services; transmission of videos, namely, video on demand services; video on-demand transmission and streaming services; education and entertainment services, namely, providing access to on-line portals and a website featuring reviews, newsletters, and blogs in the fields of educational and entertainment content, namely, movies, television shows, audiovisual works, music, comedy, spoken word recordings, audio works, books, theatrical works, literary works, sporting events, recreational activities, leisure activities in the nature of hobbies, tournaments, art, dance, musicals, culture, sporting and current event exhibitions, sports instruction, clubs, radio programs, comedy, drama, contests, visual works of art, games, gaming festivals, museums, parks, cultural events, concerts, desktop publishing, animation, current events, fashion shows and multimedia presentations; providing access to virtual environments in which users can interact for recreation, leisure or entertainment purposes; providing access to an Internet website portal in the field of video games, music, videos, TV, photographs, comedy, and spoken word recordings; providing access to a subscription based website featuring video games, music, videos, TV, photographs, comedy, and spoken word recordings and information about the same; providing access to a website featuring online publications in the field of news articles for children; none of the aforementioned relating to the Amazon river or region, or to Amazon female warriors