Msite is an Internet website that has been reconfigured for screening on a mobile device using WML; the site can include graphics text and sound; the Msite are network independent and can be hosted by the client using their existing web servers; Msite WAP sites are not dynamically generated from data sources either on the internet or locally; they can be considered as a write and deploy once project with interactivity on a small scale; telecommunication and communication services including telecommunication of information (including web pages), computer programs and any other data; electronic mail services; communication services, including communication services for conducting business, commercial and financial matters via the Internet, intranet; multimedia communications, and digital communications services, namely broadcast, transmission, and receipt of interactive and non-interactive audio, video and digital signals; electronic transmission and receipt of interactive and non-interactive voice, data, images, paging messages, facsimiles, and information; teleconferencing services; video conferencing services; communication services in the field of electronic commerce; provision of telecommunication and communication services including telecommunication of information, computer programs and data, links and access to databases and information including databases and information accessible on a global computer information and communications network including the Internet and worldwide web, consulting services included in this class; providing virtual facilities for real-time interaction among computer users, wireless application protocol (WAP); connection of wireless devices to the Internet; used for transfer of data, voice and multimedia services; wireless devices include mobile phones, PDA's and "Bluetooth" enabled devices; any connection to the Internet or a corporate entities network via the mobile network