Entertainment, being the sharing of photos and videos, namely, electronic transmission of digital photo files, videos and audio visual content among internet users; telecommunication services; providing access to computer, electronic and online databases; telecommunications services, namely, electronic transmission of data, messages, graphics, images, audio, video and information; providing online forums for communication on topics of general interest; providing online communications links which transfer mobile device and internet users to other local and global online locations; facilitating access to third party websites or to other electronic third party content via a universal login; providing online chat rooms, email and instant messaging services, and electronic bulletin boards; audio, text and video broadcasting services over the internet or other communication networks; voice over internet protocol (VOiP) services; telephony communication services; providing access to computer databases in the fields of social networking, social introduction and dating; peer-to-peer photo and data sharing services, namely, electronic transmission of digital photo and video files, graphics and audio content among internet users; telecommunications and peer-to-peer network computer services, namely, electronic transmission of images, audio-visual and video content, photographs, videos, data, text, messages, advertisements, media advertising communications and information; streaming and live streaming of video, audiovisual, and interactive audiovisual content via the internet; telecommunications services, namely, electronic transmission of virtual and augmented reality content and data; providing electronic bulletin boards for transmission of messages among users in the field of general interest; video conferencing services; providing technical support services regarding the usage of communications equipment; providing facilities and equipment for video conferencing; teleconferencing; providing an online community forum for users to share and stream information, audio, video, real-time news, entertainment content, or information, to form virtual communities, and to engage in social networking; electronic exchange of voice, data, audio, video, text and graphics via the internet and telecommunications networks