distributed ledger; public digital ledger; providing peer-to-peer blockchain network; blockchain-as-a-platform; blockchain; cryptographic hashing; cryptographic keys; timestamping; transaction data; protocol for internode communication; validation of new blocks; decentralised consensus; public transaction ledger; verify and audit transactions; autonomous management of network; mass collaboration; data security; value-exchange protocol; distributed networking; ad-hoc message passing; public-key cryptography; private key infrastructure; data storage; node broadcasting; node validation; trust validation; multi-version concurrency control in databases; permissionless network; transport layer; permissioned network; smart contracts; automated escrow; Proof of Work algorithm; Proof of Stake algorithm; electronic vehicle service record; electronic vehicle ownership record; transfer of data; viewing of data; notarisation; storage of data; automatically execute terms of a contract; secure storage of private keys; self-executing contracts; data lake; data mining; data warehousing; logbooks; ledgers; data analysis; data verification; record keeping; Platform as a Service; data mining; data security; provision of information relating to vehicle verification (history, mileage and condition); vehicle warranties; motor insurance; vehicle valuation; data processing; computer databases; data acquisition; data handling; data recording; data logging; data security; data transmission; data collecting; chain of blocks; information blocks; cryptography; verification of information block; verification of keys; verification consensus; system of record; data communication; encrypted communication; encryption services; data export; data import; data management; data audit; signed transactions; hashed information; digital timestamps; digital identity reference; digital signature; hashed history; hashed data; encrypted data; vehicle history; analytics; computing platform; hashing; informational blocks; blocks linked with cryptography; p2p network; peer-to-peer network; authentication of information; authorisation of information; message encryption; distributed network; opened blockchain; opened network; permissioned blockchain; blockchain protocol; secure network; network security; tokenisation; token; digital token; digital currency; cryptocurrency; data audit trails; encryption; data transformation; payment processing; token generator; transaction risk management; vehicle safety; vehicle safety analysis; authenticating vehicle and part imports; parts authentication; vehicle parts origination; analysis of stored data; predictive algorithms; transaction costs reduction; vehicle fleet management; vehicle obsolescence management; connected vehicle; vehicle diagnostics; digital asset security; automotive blockchain; vehicle providence; electronic vehicle service record management; electronic vehicle ownership record management; vehicle information publishing; record publishing; inspection logging; vehicle pricing; vehicle repair estimate; vehicle repair prediction
Diffusion and transmission of texts, messages, information, sounds, images and data; transmission of messages and images computer-assisted; services of forum of discussion on line allowing the transmission of messages between computers users; transmission of radiophonic and televised programs, texts, messages, information, sounds and images via communication networks and data-processing networks; broadcasting of programmes via the Internet; diffusion, distribution and transmission of images, information audio, graphic, data and other information by means of radio, telecommunication apparatuses, electronic media and Internet; providing chat lines utilising the Internet; electronic transmission of data via computer and communication networks and via the Internet; services of access to a telecommunication network through a computer, a television subscription (toll's television), including video on demand; television broadcasting; diffusion of digital music by telecommunications means; communications services for access to information, texts, sounds, images and data via communication networks and data-processing networks; on-line information services relating to telecommunications, namely the providing, gathering and transmission of messages and information of all kinds, in the form of sound and images; transmission and distribution of data or audio-visual images via a world data-processing network or Internet; news agency services; information as regards telecommunications; providing access to digital music web sites on the Internet; provision of an access to data networks, in particular to the Internet, to Internet forums, the worldwide web and to server services; providing chat lines utilising the Internet; providing access to digital music or MP3 web-sites on the internet or a global computer network
Distribution (transmission and broadcasting) of digital and multimedia television programmes via a computer network; provision of access to a global computer network (Internet) or local computer network; supply of access to data banks, provided by computer and telematic servers in a client-server structured network; provision for third parties (transmission) of data included in databases in the field of shows and music; supply (transmission) and elaboration (design) of programmes on the Internet; supply and routing (transmission) of television programmes; providing access by portals to services provided by means of a global computer network; transmission and exchange services (transmission) of information held on multimedia carriers; operator services for telecommunication or cable television networks; supply (transmission) of Web pages for third parties; downloading (transmission) of software and data; provision of access time to telecommunication infrastructures for third party operators; provision of access to search engines and electronic directories on the Internet; services of news agencies, press agencies, radio calls, radio, telegraph and telephone communication, television and radio broadcasting; information regarding telecommunications, electronic messaging services; mobile radio-telephony services; message, data, sound and image transmission and distribution via radio, cable or satellite; transmission of data held in databases; transmission of information from a database; transmission services for ring tones, images, photographs, press articles and videos by downloading; uploading and downloading of ring tones, images, photographs and videos; services for receiving and transmitting commercial transactions by and on the Internet
Dissemination and broadcasting of television and radio programs; cable television relating to motorcycling; satellite transmission relating to motorcycling; communication services by means of global computer networks relating to motorcycling; transmission of messages, video and images relating to motorcycling via computer; dissemination and broadcasting of radio and television programs relating to motorcycling; rental of access time to global computer networks; provision of telecommunication connections to a global computer network; computer-aided transmission of messages and images; provision of Internet chat rooms; transmission of virtual products by means of global networks (photos and documents); delivery of documents online via a global computer network; access to on-line forums for the transmission of messages among computer users; information (news) agencies; electronic bulletin board services (telecommunications); dissemination and broadcasting of radio and television programs; satellite transmission; communication services by means of global computer networks; computer-assisted transmission of messages and images; dissemination and broadcasting of motion pictures and television programs; operation of a subscription television service (pay tv), including video-on-demand; simultaneous broadcast television by means of global communications networks, the Internet and wireless networks; dissemination and broadcasting of motion pictures and television programs related to motorcycling; operation of a subscription television service (pay tv), including video-on-demand related to motorcycling; simultaneous broadcast television by means of global communications networks, the Internet and wireless networks related to motorcycling; provision of Internet chat rooms related to motorcycling; with all of the forgoing services related exclusively to motorcycle racing championships