Asynchronous transfer mode data transmission services; cable television broadcasting; leasing of telecommunication facilities; communication services between computers; electronic communication services; telephone communication services; data transmission services; digital cordless telephone services; digital data transmission services; delivery of messages by electronic media; electronic mail services; electronic order-transmission; facsimile communication services; mobile radio communications; multi-media communication services; paging services; radio broadcasting; radio communication services; radio-paging services; services providing the means for transmitting subscription television broadcasting services; telecommunication services; telegram services; telegraph services; telephone services; public telephone services; teleprinter communication services; teletext services; television broadcasting; telex services; videotext services; viewdata services; voice communication services; voice mail services; wireless communication services; wireless telephone services; videoconferencing and communication services using analogue and digital transmissions with multiple communication channels operating at high frequencies, capable of handling voice and data communications and video images over great distances; rental of communication apparatus, electronic mail-boxes, signal decoders, signalling apparatus, telecommunication apparatus and telephones; transmission of information in relation to all the foregoing services; network management services being the monitoring of telecommunications networks; advisory services relating to all the aforesaid services; all included in class 38