Tool and construction equipment rental services; building construction and repair for industrial installations, of environmental plants, power stations and buildings, hydraulic structures, bridges, electric installations, waste water clarification, waste gas and waste water purification plants, as well as bio mass, waste incineration and composting plants, of mines and metallurgical plants, of machines, bridges, cranes and piping; demolition, namely closing down and dismantling industrial installations, nuclear installations, metallurgical plants, installations for environmental protection; repair services, namely revamping and improving rotary electrical machines; maintenance and repair of electric and electronic machines in the field of industrial installations, metallurgical plants, environmental plants and power generation, transmission and distribution stations; construction services, namely assembly of suspending and hoisting cables, overhead power lines and railway catenaries; installation, repair of data-processing systems and computers for industrial installations, metallurgical plants, environmental plants, power generation, transmission and distribution stations and machines; construction and repair services, namely improvement of efficiency and increase of power of existing power plants; building of installations for primary and secondary measures for emission reduction, increasing of the life span and of the degree of automation of industrial installations and environmental plants and power stations