Supervision of repair work; maintenance of heating systems, air-conditioning apparatus, electric apparatus, kitchen ranges, refrigeration apparatus and lifts; street cleaning; laundering and linen ironing; maintenance of machines; rental of cleaning machines; installation and maintenance of sanitary apparatus cleaning apparatus; servicing of road facilities; street cleaning and sweeping services, including washing, vacuuming, dry removal, poster removal, graffiti removal; reconditioning services (repair) of recycling and reconditioning plants for preparing recyclables, composting centres, incineration centres, waste treatment centres, waste burial centres; construction, installation, maintenance, repair and servicing of all public lighting networks and equipment, traffic lights and luminous signals, urban traffic videosurveillance and control equipment and networks; computer-assisted maintenance of public lighting networks and equipment, traffic lights, luminous signs and electrical urban road equipment; installation, repair and maintenance of electric or mechanical road access bollards; construction, installation, maintenance, repair of equipment for public lighting and for illuminating buildings and sites; assembling services, assembling of electric and industrial equipment; sterilization services on demand; maintenance, repair and reconditioning, restoration and holding of road and rail vehicles as well as their parts and components; repair and maintenance of buildings including railway stations and depots; cleaning of road and rail vehicles, emergency repair services for vehicles, road and rail repair services, information and advice on the above services; leak detection by acoustic correlation; computer-assisted maintenance and remote monitoring of public lighting equipment and networks, traffic signals, luminous signs and electronic urban traffic equipment (road traffic control systems); servicing and maintenance of research laboratory equipment