Roofing installation; resurfacing of roofs; roofing services; insulation of roofing; dismantling of roofs; loft cleaning; installation of roof timbering; installation of felt roofs; maintaining and repair of roof guttering; clearing and cleaning gutters; application of waterproof coatings for roofs; installation of insulating materials in buildings, roofs and structures; insulating of internal and external walls, ceilings and roofs; building construction supervision; construction management services; supervision of building renovation; supervision of building demolition; building construction supervision services for real estate projects; building construction supervision services for building projects; on site project management relating to the construction of buildings; construction project management services; building inspection [in the course of building construction]; building services relating to building for industry purposes; building services relating to building for habitation; installation of glazed building structures; installation and repair of rainwater drainage systems; installing siding; erection of pre-fabricated buildings; installation of doors and windows; building, construction and demolition; repair of installations for use in metal production, metal processing and metal working; spray painting of metals; abrasive cleaning of metallic surfaces; cleaning of building exteriors; installation and repair of hardware for computer networks; construction services; application of surface coatings; slating and tiling