Gas pipe laying services; construction of gas storage tanks; construction of foundations for buildings; repair work on buildings; rental of construction and building equipment; construction engineering consultancy services; construction engineering; construction information; factory construction; bridge construction; demolition of bridges; rental of excavating machines; rental of excavators; construction of insulation; construction of dams and water storage facilities; construction of power plants; building construction supervision; oil pipeline construction; construction of power-line towers; hydro-electric factory construction; apartment construction; building construction; canal and waterway construction; atomic reactor construction; electric appliance installation; concrete works; rental of cranes (construction equipment); installation of photovoltaic power generation installations; construction of pipelines; installation of environmental hygience treatment appliances; installation of wind power plants; construction of nuclear installations; repair or maintenance of construction machines and apparatus; air conditioning apparatus installation and repair; industrial furnaces installation and repair; boiler installation and repair; HRSG(heat recovery steam generator) installation and repair; repair of metalworking machine and apparatus; repair or maintenance of melt-cutting machines; repair or maintenance of pipes for water supply and drainage; desalination plants construction; desalination plants repair; repair of prime movers; installation and maintenance of prime movers; advisory services relating to the installation of generators; installation of electricity generators; advisory services relating to the installation of power plants; advisory services relating to the maintenance of plumbing; repair of marine engines; repair of engine parts for ships; repair or maintenance of cranes for ships; repair of diesel engines; vehicle service stations (refueling, maintenance and repair); repair of parts of engines; heat exchangers installation and repair; furnace installation and repair; renovation of nuclear plant; repair of cranes; repair of turbines; repair of RMQC(rail mounted quayside gantry crane); repair of RTGC(rubber tyred gantry crane); repair of oil refining plants; repair of heavy equipment; computer hardware installation; maintenance of computer hardwares; repair of machines and apparatus for civil engineering and construction; pipeline maintenance; repair or maintenance of effluent treatment equipment; oil and gas drilling; cleaning of air conditioning apparatus; cleaning of industrial installations; cleaning of storage tanks; plumbing; repair of pipeline systems; installation of incinerators; repair or maintenance of incinerators