Automobile services provided by fuel retailing stations; repair and maintenance services for machines, equipment, systems, transport facilities and railway rolling stock; repair and construction and finishing services; scaffolding assembly; installation of electric wiring, hydraulic and gas supply systems; renting of tools, machines, equipment or materials; installation, repair and maintenance of telephones, computers; construction of retailing stations; asphalting; installation, repair and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment and systems; services related to machinery maintenance, service and maintenance for mechanical, automation and electrical branches and emergency repairs; construction, repair and renovation of equipment and refinery systems; maintenance and repair of mechanical vehicles, cars and motor cycle; repair of personal and home use items, services related to service stations, including car maintenance and repair, services related to lubricating mechanical vehicles, cleaning and polishing, washing and protecting against corrosion, painting of mechanical vehicles, vulcanization and repair of punctured tyres; constructing buildings; renting construction machinery, machines and equipment without the service; dismantling and demolition of buildings; earth works; general and engineering construction industry; services consisting of clearing and cleaning of facilities; coal mining work, underwater construction, underwater repairs, construction and maintenance of pipelines
Au pair services (household cleaning and maintenance services); Building cleaning; Carpet cleaning; Ceiling cleaning services; Cleaning of blinds; Cleaning of building exteriors; Cleaning of building interiors; Cleaning of buildings (exterior surface); Cleaning of buildings (interior); Cleaning of commercial premises; Cleaning of domestic premises; Cleaning of floor coverings; Cleaning of floor surfaces; Cleaning of furnishings; Cleaning of furniture; Cleaning of hospitals; Cleaning of hotels; Cleaning of industrial premises; Cleaning of offices; Cleaning of property; Cleaning of public buildings; Cleaning of schools; Cleaning of shops; Cleaning services; Dry cleaning; House cleaning services; Industrial cleaning services; Janitorial cleaning services; Office cleaning services; Polishing (cleaning) of floors; Provision of cleaning services; Window cleaning; Building maintenance; Handyman repair, maintenance and installation services; Home maintenance services; Maintenance and repair of buildings; Maintenance of buildings; Property maintenance; Caretaking services; Extermination of pests; Pest control; Pest exterminating (other than for agriculture); House painting; Painting and decorating; Painting and interior decorating services; Painting of buildings; Painting, interior and exterior; Fence erection services; Repair of fences; Extermination of fungus; Extermination of insects; Extermination of rodents; Rat exterminating; Rat extermination; Vermin exterminating (other than for agriculture, horticulture and forestry); Fumigation; Germ elimination services; Germ reduction services; Termite control
Automobile polishing; vehicle polishing; automobile greasing; maintenance of automobiles; vehicle maintenance; maintenance of motor vehicles; automobile maintenance and repair; maintenance and repair of motors; leather care, cleaning and repair; maintenance, servicing and repair of vehicles; repair, maintenance and overhaul of automobiles; repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and their engines; fuelling, washing, cleaning, maintenance and repair of vehicles; repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and parts thereof and of engines for motor vehicles and parts thereof; automobile lubrication; vehicle cleaning; automotive refinishing; painting of automobiles; tuning of motors and engines for automobiles; automobile detailing; automobile cleaning and washing; rebuilding of automobile engines; vulcanizing of automobile tires [repair]; custom installation of automobile interiors; garage services for automobile repair; conversion and tuning of production automobiles and their engines; providing information relating to the repair or maintenance of automobiles; installation of parts of vehicles; installation of spare parts of vehicles; installation of vehicle simulators; installation of vehicle security devices; installation of automobile accessories; assembly [installation] of accessories for vehicles; assembly [installation] of parts for vehicles; installation of electric and electronic equipment in automobiles; automobile pinstriping; automobile body repair and finishing for others; inspection of automobiles and parts thereof prior to maintenance and repair; consultancy relating to vehicle repair; upholstering of vehicle seats; repair and maintenance of vehicle tires; repair and maintenance of electric vehicles; emergency vehicle repair services; repair of couplings for land vehicles; repair of brake systems for vehicles; repair of suspension systems for vehicles; repair and maintenance of engines for motor vehicles; vehicle undercoating services; anti-rust treatment for motor vehicles; installation, maintenance and repair of hydraulic systems for vehicles; repair and maintenance of chassis parts and bodies for vehicles; repair and maintenance of motor vehicle cooling systems; repair and maintenance of motor vehicles and parts thereof; information and consultancy services relating to vehicle repair; anti-rust treatment for vehicles; installation, maintenance and repair of chassis parts and bodies for vehicles; custom rebuilding of existing land vehicles and structural parts therefor; repair, maintenance, servicing, dismantling, rebuilding and cleaning of vehicle engines and parts thereof; repair, maintenance, servicing, dismantling, rebuilding, cleaning and varnishing of vehicles and parts thereof; repair and maintenance of refrigerating apparatus; routine servicing of refrigerating apparatus; installation, maintenance and repair of apparatus for heating, purifying air, refrigerating, drying, ventilating, temperature control and air-conditioning; installation of windscreens in motor vehicles; installation of windows in motor vehicles; garage services for vehicle repair; construction; automobile repair.