Arranging cleaning, maintenance, and trade services for others including plumbing, electrical services, roofing, carpet cleaning, house cleaning and pool maintenance; arranging pest inspection, pest control and pest extermination services for others; arranging of construction, maintenance, installation and repair services for others; arranging construction, maintenance, repair and installation of telecommunications apparatus, air conditioning, household appliances, smoke alarms, blinds, fencing, flooring, roofing, garages, glass and windows; arranging of painting services for others including painting of buildings, houses (interior and exterior); arranging painting, interior decorating and property styling services for others; maintenance of commercial, industrial and domestic property and businesses; Property development (building and construction services); development of buildings; development of land (construction); development of property; housing development; real estate development; project management services in this class including development management services; project development including the development of commercial projects including business and institutional parks (building and construction services); building and construction services; building construction supervision services; building of apartment buildings; building and construction of real estate subdivisions and developments; building project management services; provision of information related to the aforesaid services