After sales services (maintenance and repair) for onshore and offshore engineering work; building project management; bricklaying; building construction supervision; building insulating; building sealing; cleaning of buildings (exterior surface); car wash; construction information; construction of roads, bridges and dams; cable laying; damp-proofing (building); equipment installation; environmental monitoring; installation for instrumentation systems for oil and gas; installation of doors and windows; information technology (IT) services (computer and computer peripherals installation and maintenance); installation of instrumentation system for oil and gas industries; maintenance of equipment and major components and assembly works; machinery installation, maintenance and repair; maintenance and repair of land vehicles; motor vehicle maintenance and repair; maintenance and repair of buildings; marine engineering; motor vehicle wash; office renovations; overhaul of engines; overhaul of machines; overhaul of vehicles; painting, interior and exterior; plastering; pipe laying services; pipeline construction and maintenance; plumbing; quarrying services; rebuilding engines that have been worn or partially destroyed; rental of construction equipment and machinery; rental of bulldozers; rental of construction equipment; repair and maintenance of buildings; rental of excavators; repair services; repair information; repair of security locks; refurbishment; roofing services; safe maintenance and repair; sanding; scaffolding; shipbuilding; underwater construction; underwater repair; vehicle cleaning; vehicle maintenance; vehicle lubrication (greasing); vehicle lubrication; vehicle polishing; vehicle repair; vehicle wash; equipment management in equipment productivity, service and troubleshooting being repair and maintenance services