The organisation, conduct and administration of fundraising activities; acquisition for financial investment; administration of financial affairs, advisory and financial services relating to financial investment, financial matters, financial planning; analysis (financial); appraisals (financial); automatic accounting services for financial transactions; automatic recording services for financial transactions; brokerage services for arranging financing by financial institutions; card operated financial services; collection of financial information; computer information services relating to financial management; computerised financial advisory services, financial analysis, financial data services, financial information services, financial services, financial services for retail businesses; conducting financial feasibility studies, financial transactions; consultancy (financial); emergency financial services for travelers; factoring of financial undertakings; financial advice; financial advice relating to employee shares schemes, to inheritance, to investment, to pensions, to settlements, to share option schemes, to taxation, to trusts, to wills; financial banking services for the deposit and withdrawal of money; financial credit services, database services, exchange services, grant services, guarantee services; financial payments processing and credit, debit and smartcard transaction services financial information services for banks and financial institutions provided by computer networks and satellite transmissions; financial leasing; financial lending; financial management; sponsorship (financial); studies (financial); administration of mortgage business; mortgage advice, brokering, insurance, lending; insurance products and services; advisory services relating to insurance; administration of insurance; arranging insurance; computerised and non-computerised information services relating to insurance; computerised processing of insurance claims; insurance consultancy; insurance investigations and loss assessment; underwriting (insurance); reinsurance
The provision of financial, administrative, consulting, advisory, and management services in relation to personal and corporate insolvency being formal and informal engagements under current legislation, including the provision of information and the preparation of debt agreements under the current legislation, and in acting as debt agreement administrators and trustees in accordance with the current legislation, and administrators, liquidators and receivers under the current legislation; financial services including financial consultancy, assistance and advisory services, debt alleviation services, including such services relating to credit and debt control, insolvency services, banking services; debt collecting; debt collection, debt relief, debt negotiation; arrears collection, debt recovery services, online information about insurance, financial and monetary affairs and real estate affairs, financial obligations, monetary affairs; advising on financial affairs, financial evaluation and financial consultancy; financial management; electronic banking, financial information, debt relief information, trustee's services, debt relief affairs, debt consolidation services, trusteeship, advisory services, administration services, payment administration services, negotiation and administration of financial arrangements or proposals, consultancy and brokerage services, all relating to banking and/or finance, and/or debt; real estate business dealings of all levels of the real estate industry; insurance dealings of all types, including agency, broking, and advisory
The provision of insurance services including in relation to accident insurance, caravan insurance, commodities insurance, endowment insurance, extended guarantee insurance, extended warranty insurance, fire insurance, health insurance, business insurance, legal expenses insurance, office insurance, property insurance, home contents insurance, third party liability insurance, insurance of anti-theft systems, buildings insurance, communications apparatus insurance, insurance of goods while in transit, mobile telephone insurance, mortgage insurance, insurance services relating to aviation, boat insurance, credit insurance, goods insurance, legal costs insurance, pension funds insurance, real estate insurance, travel insurance, vehicle insurance, marine insurance, surgical or hospital health insurance, mortgage banking insurance, motor vehicle insurance, personal insurance, professional indemnity insurance, holiday insurance, mortgage loan insurance, equipment guarantee insurance, public liability insurance, banking insurance; administration of group insurance, insurance business, insurance claims, insurance plans, insurance portfolios, advisory services relating to insurance including insurance claims; appraisals for insurance purposes; arranging of insurance; consultancy services relating to insurance; estimates for insurance purposes; fire insurance valuations; information services relating to insurance; insurance; insurance administration; insurance agency services; insurance arranging services; insurance claim assessments; insurance claim settlements; insurance claims adjustment services; insurance consultancy; insurance consultation services; insurance guarantees; insurance loss assessment; insurance management services; insurance risk management; insurance studies; providing information, including online, about insurance, provision of insurance premium quotations; service insurance contracts; ship insurance agency; warranty insurance services