Outsource solutions and services for financial services industry participants including financial planners, financial advisers, dealer groups and organisations where these financial services professionals provide their services to; Services and solutions are provided via human and computer resources and include but not limited to preparation and dissemination of statement of advice and record of advice; implementing advice; post-advice monitoring; compliance; provision of financial advice; provision of robo advice; administration of financial affairs; advisory services relating to (financial) risk management; advisory services relating to financial investment; advisory services relating to financial matters; advisory services relating to financial planning; collection of financial information; computerised financial services; consultation services relating to financial matters; consultations (financial); estimates for financial purposes; financial advice; financial advice relating to taxation; financial advice relating to wills; financial advisory services; financial advisory services for companies; financial advisory services for individuals; financial advisory services relating to retirement plans; financial advisory services relating to tax; financial advisory services relating to taxation; financial analysis; financial assessments; financial consultancy; financial consultation services; financial economic analysis; financial evaluations; financial information; financial information services; financial investment fund services; financial investment management services; financial management advisory services; financial market information services; financial modelling services; financial planning; financial research financial risk; management; financial securities; financial services; financial strategy consultancy services; financial valuation services; monitoring of financial portfolios; organising financial collections; personal financial planning services; preparation and analysis of financial reports; preparation of financial analyses; preparation of financial reports; provision of financial information; provision of information relating to financial services; risk management consultancy (financial); taxation financial consultancy services; taxation financial planning services