Foreign exchange deposit dealings; providing information relating to foreign exchange deposit dealings by telecommunications; acceptance of deposits [including substitute bond issuance] and acceptance of fixed interval installment deposits; loans [financing] and discount of bills; domestic exchange settlement; liability guarantee and acceptance of bills; securities lending; acquisition and transfer of monetary claims; safekeeping of valuables including securities and precious metals [safe deposit services]; money exchange [exchanging money]; trusteeship of financial futures contracts; trusteeship of money, securities, monetary claims, personal property, land, rights on land fixtures, surface rights or lease or land; agencies for bond subscriptions; foreign exchange transactions; letter-of-credit related services; brokerage of credit purchase; buying and selling of securities; trading of securities index futures; trading of securities options; trading of overseas market securities futures; agencies for brokerage of securities, securities index futures, securities options, and overseas market securities futures; agencies for brokerage of entrusting agents with on- commission trading in domestic markets of securities, securities index futures and securities options; agencies for brokerage of entrusting agents with on- commission trading in overseas markets of securities and securities index futures; agencies for brokerage of forward agreement of securities, for forward agreement of securities index futures, for forward agreement of securities options, spot and forward transaction of securities index futures; brokerage for securities liquidation; securities underwriting; securities offering; brokerage services relating to securities subscription or offering; providing stock market information
Foreign currency exchange services; conducting of financial transactions; monetary services; monetary affairs; money transfer; cash transactions and foreign exchange; financial and monetary transactions; organization of money transfers; acquisition and transfer of monetary claims; financial and monetary services, banking services; information services related to currency exchange rates; payment management services; collection of payments; automated payment services; electronic payment services; automated payment of accounts; financial payment services; processing of electronic payments; electronic payment processing; processing payments made by a payment card; telegraphic payment services [payment]; contactless payment services; acceptance of bill payments; remote payment services; precious metal brokerage; financial transaction services of raw materials; loans [financing]; investment financing; financing services; personal finance services; financing of industrial activities; real estate financing; company financing; raw material financing; issuance of credit and debit cards; provision of prepaid cards and tokens of value; automated banking services relating to credit card transactions; automated banking services for transactions with payment cards; card services; bank card services, credit card services, debit card services and electronic payment card services; bank card services; credit and debit card services; credit and cash card services; credit card and charge card services; debit card services; cash withdrawal card services; payment transaction card services; fund transfer services via electronic cards; debit card validation services; processing of electronic payments carried out by means of prepaid cards; processing of debit card payments; processing of debit card transactions for others; processing of credit card transactions for others; electronic cash services [payment services]; financial transactions in connection with currency swaps; Financial transactions and transfers and payment services; electronic debit transactions; online financial transactions; security transaction services; actuarial services relating to financial transactions; financial services relating to buying and trading of raw materials; services for carrying out financial transactions; automatic recording services for financial transactions; conducting of financial transactions on-line; financial transaction services; carrying out cashless payment transactions; security brokerage and transaction services; conducting of transactions on capital markets; financial transaction services relating to interest rates; recording of transactions between parties relating to shares; processing services for transactions by credit card; clearing services relating to payment transactions; transfer and transaction services of investment funds; management of real estate transactions relating to ownership; recording of transactions between parties in connection with investments; processing of payment transactions via the Internet; recording of transactions between parties in connection with financial operations; stock exchanges for transactions of shares and other financial securities; financial services; financial management of funds; financial assistance services; financial management; financial clearing operations; trading of derivative financial products; financial management of real estate projects; fund raising and financial sponsorship; financial database services relating to merchandise; organization of stock exchanges for operations of shares and other financial securities; issuance of checks; issuance of securities; issuance of promissory notes; issuance of tokens of value; issuance of discount coupons; issuing of stored value cards; issuance of stored value cards for use as electronic travel tickets; issuing and redemption of tokens of value; financial underwriting and issuing of securities [investment bank]; issuing of gift certificates which may then be redeemed for goods or services; provision of information relating to the issuance of tokens of value; provision of information relating to deposit of precious metals in safes; Storage of precious metals in safes; financial banking services for depositing funds; securities deposit services; safe deposit services; savings deposits; issuance of letters of credit and certificates of deposit; provision of information relating to deposit of securities in safes; provision of information relating to deposit of valuables in safes; automatic cash dispenser services; administrative services for receiving deposits; money deposit services; providing cash dispensers for the deposit of money; banking services for the acceptance of deposits; deposit account services; banking services relating to the deposit of money; deposits of securities in safes; safe deposit services for valuables; storage deposit of valuables; financial services related to withdrawing and depositing cash; automatic banking services for cash dispensing; investment services; fund investments; investment fund management; Investment fund administration; trusteeship; financial investments; fiduciary investment services; investment fund management; investments in the form of mutual investment funds; arranging of financial investments; services for financial settlement and clearing; management of price risks; compensation risk management; brokerage of raw materials; raw material trading [financial services]; raw material trading for others; cash management services; real estate investments; investment management; international fund investment; investment asset management; securities investment services; financial securities; recording of the transfer of securities; security exchange services; money exchange and transfer; recording of share transfers; automated fund transfer services; banking services regarding the electronic funds transfer; banking services for the transfer of funds from accounts; electronic funds transfer; brokerage; currency brokerage