Exchange market services relating to the trading of commodities, futures, options, forwards and other derivative products; Financial market information services; Environmental commodity market information services; Information services in relation to trading of carbon, water rights, renewable energy certificates and/or other emission reduction, emission allowance and/or emission offset credit schemes; Commodity trading (financial services); Trading and brokerage of carbon, water rights, and/or other environmental commodity, including active buying and selling over the Internet; Trading and brokerage of commodities, futures, options, forwards and other derivative products; Trading services for carbon trading, water access trading, renewable energy trading and other environmental commodity market trading; Stock market services; Exchange brokerage services; Electronic stock exchange services; Stock exchange price quotations; Stock exchange information services; Currency trading and exchange services; Stock exchange quotation and listing services; Provision of information and data concerning stock exchanges; Stock exchanges for dealing in shares and other financial securities; Stock exchange information provided online from a computer database or the Internet; Commodity quotations and brokerage; Financial consultancy services; Financial advisory services; Financial forecasting; Financial services; Financial investment; Financial brokerage; Financial exchange; Monetary affairs; Electronic cash transactions; Electronic commerce payment services; Electronic payment card services; Payment processing services; Holding money and funds for others; Currency exchange services; Electronic credit and debit transactions; Electronic funds transfer; Transaction authentication and verification services; Clearing and reconciling financial transactions via an exchange global computer network; Exchange clearing and settlement services; Processing electronic payments made through prepaid cards; Financial services, namely, enabling transfer of funds for purchase of products and services offered by others; Financial services, namely, investment fund transfer and transaction services; Including (but not limited to) any of the aforesaid services provided online, and/or provided for use with and/or by way of the Internet, the world wide web and/or via communications, telephone, mobile telephone and/or wireless communication networks or devices; Information, advice and consultancy in relation to all the aforesaid services