Electronic payment services, namely, electronic processing and transmission of payment data; electronic processing and transmission of bill payment data; electronic bill presentment and payment services; payment facilitation services; payment aggregation services; payment gateway services; chargeback recovery services, namely electronic payment chargeback dispute resolution services in the event of fraud, error authorization issues and product or service non-fulfillment; charitable fundraising; charitable foundation services, namely, providing for programs and services of others; electronic payment processing, settlement of accounts, and electronic transfer of funds; electronic payment reconciliation and funding services; multi-currency processing (MCP) enabled electronic payments gateway, capable of authorizing bankcard, non-bankcard, debit card, chip/EMV card-not-present and point-of-sale transactions in a cardholder's chosen local foreign currency, with settlement occurring to the merchant in multiple currencies, one-time and subscription billing options, hosted payment pages, tokenization-secure card storage, intelligent transaction routing; decline transaction salvage, access by virtual terminal (web-based) or direct integration via standard API (provided to merchant/partner), web-based real-time reporting and reconciliation tools; providing a website permitting clients to view financial transactions and account information; cash advance services for businesses and merchants.
Electronic and computerised payment, currency and fund transfer services; financial services being the provision of electronic and computerised payment platforms and systems; monetary and financial transaction services, including provision of secure retail, wholesale and commercial transaction and payment options; payment processing services including credit card, debit card transaction and cash processing services; merchant services, namely, payment transaction processing services; collection of payments; conducting cashless payment transactions; facilitation of virtual currency and crypto-currency transactions, including exchange transaction services for transferable electronic cash equivalent units having a specified cash value; facilitation of financial transactions using unconventional currency systems and bartering, including facilitating transfers of electronic cash equivalents; virtual currency and crypto-currency exchange, brokerage, transfer, and trading services; electronic and computerised transfer of virtual currencies, including for use by members of an online community via a global computer network and members of a customer loyalty or frequent buyer scheme; direct debit services; payment verification services; cheque payment guarantee services; clearing and reconciling financial transactions; account debiting services; providing information, advice and consultancy in relation to all the aforesaid services; including provision of all the aforesaid services online, via a website, the internet, global computer networks or other computer networks, by electronic means or wireless technology, or accessible by mobile phones or other Internet-enabled devices
Electronic payment services involving electronic processing and subsequent transmission of point of sale payment data; financial transaction services, namely, providing secure commercial transactions and payment options; financial transaction services, namely, providing secure commercial transactions and payment options using a mobile device at a point of sale; merchant services, namely, payment transaction processing services; merchant services, namely, advancing funds to businesses and merchants for payment on consumer sale transactions; debit account services featuring a tablet-compatible mobile scanner for reading consumer bank cards at point of sale; payment processing services in the field of point of sale retail payments; payment processing services in the field of offline payments, namely, cash, check, remotely-created check, money order, bank transfer or wire, postal orders and signature debit transactions; payment processing services in the field of online payments; payment processing services, namely, credit card and debit card transaction processing services; providing financial transaction and payment processing services via an internet portal; providing electronic processing of electronic funds transfer, ACH, credit card, debit card, electronic check and electronic payments; providing multiple payment options by means of customer-operated electronic terminals available on-site in retail stores; financing, analytics and payment processing services in the field of providing a payment method that allows splitting a purchase into multiple payments; financing services; consumer lending services; installment financing; consulting in the field of data analytics to improve real-time financial decisions
Electronic payment transactions; electronic billing and payment services; currency dealing, exchange, remittance and trading services; electronic transfer of funds; processing of payments to and from others conducted via a global communications network; providing secure financial transaction in the nature of electronic cash transactions, electronic credit card transactions, electronic debit transactions, electronic check processing transaction and electronic transmission of bill payment data via a global computer network; Internet-secure electronic transaction solutions for e-commerce namely processing electronic custody, banking, cash management, trade finance transactions and payments; monetary transaction services; automated payment of accounts provided on-line from the Internet; electronic payment card services; financial administration services; financial services accessible on-line via digital computer networks; issuance and redemption of cryptocurrency, digital currency, electronic cash and electronic money; issuing of notes, coins, drafts and bills of exchange; agency services for buying, selling and storing gold coins and bars; investment services of gold; issuance and redemption of tokens of value; issuance of stored value cards; registration services for credit cards, charge cards, cash cards, cheque guarantee cards, debit cards, payment cards, financial cards and purchase cards; banking and financial services; Internet banking and financial services; banking and financial services provided via telecommunication networks; telephone banking services; investment banking services; mortgage banking insurance; research and advisory services relating to banking, finance, monetary affairs and the stock market; valuation of businesses and companies; arranging of financial loans; insurance; financial affairs; monetary affairs; real estate affairs; capital investment