Humidifiers for tobacco; Humidifiers for tobacco goods; Flavorings, other than essential oils, for tobacco; Absorbent paper for tobacco; Betalnuts being a substitute for chewing tobacco; Containers for tobacco products; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for tobacco; Manufactured tobacco; Spittoons for tobacco users; Tobacco boxes; Tobacco cases; Tobacco jars; Tobacco pouches; Tobacco storage tins; Tobacco substitutes (other than for medical purposes); Tobacco tins; Leaf tobacco; Raw tobacco; Tobacco; Tobacco in paste form; Chewing tobacco; Containers of lighter fuel; Flints for lighters; Lighter flint; Lighter pochettes; Table lighters; Tobacco filters (holders); Holders for tobacco; Cases for pipes; Pipe knives; Pipe cleaners for tobacco pipes; Pipe racks for tobacco pipes; Pipe tobacco; Tobacco pipe cleaners; Tobacco pipe scrapers; Tobacco pipes; Absorbent paper for tobacco pipes; Pipe holders; Herbs for smoking; Smoking herbs, other than for medical purposes; Cases for smoking mixtures; Smoking tobacco; Tobacco smoke filters; Mouth pieces for smoking pipes; Filters for use in smoking pipes; Substances for smoking (none being for medicinal or curative purposes); Humidified cigar boxes; Cigar lighters; Gas containers for cigar lighters; Cigars incorporating filters; Cigar holders; Holders for cigars; Pipe cigars; Cigar filters; Cigar cutters; Boxes for cigars; Cigar cases; Cigar clippers; Cigars; Containers for cigars; Apparatus for filling cigarettes; Apparatus for rolling cigarettes; Apparatus for self rolling cigarettes; Apparatus for stuffing cigarettes; Cigarette cases; Cigarette tips; Cigarette wrappers; Cigarettes; Containers for cigarettes; Kretek (Clove) cigarettes (other than for medical use); Machines for making cigarettes (pocket machines for rolling); Pocket apparatus for rolling cigarettes; Pocket machines for rolling cigarettes; Books of cigarette papers; Cigarette paper; Cigarette paper tubes; Papers for cigarettes; Cigarettes containing tobacco substitutes, not for medical purposes; Tobacco free cigarettes, other than for medical purposes; Cigarette tobacco; Gas containers for cigarette lighters; Wicks adapted for cigarette lighters; Cigarette lighters, other than for use in motor vehicles; Filter band (Filter tow) for cigarettes; Filter filaments for cigarettes; Paper filters for cigarettes; Cigarette filters; Cigarette tubes without a filter; Cigarette paper tubes incorporating filter tips; Mouthpieces for cigarette holders; Cigarette holders; Holders for cigarettes; Pipe cigarettes; Tips of yellow amber for cigar and cigarette holders; Gas lighters for smokers; Lighters for smokers; Non-electric lighters for smokers; Pyrophoric lighters for smokers; Pipe stands (smokers' requisites); Pipe stoppers (smokers' requisites); Racks for smokers' pipes; Smokers' pipes; Battery powered lighters for smokers; Electrical cigarette lighters (smokers' requisites); Articles for smokers; Ashtrays for smokers; Disposable smokers' articles; Glass articles for smokers; Oral vaporisers for smokers; Smokers' articles; Vaporisers (vaporizers) being smokers' requisites; Match holders; Matches; Safety matches; Electronic cigarette liquid [e-liquid]; Electronic cigarettes; Flavourings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes; Liquid solutions for use in electronic cigarettes; Flavorings, other than essential oils, for use in electronic cigarettes; Electronic cigarette lighters