whisky; bourbon whisky; malt whisky; blended whisky; gin; still spirits; spirit based cocktails (spirits predominating); spirits (beverages); fermented spirit; vodka; rum; cocktails; alcoholic cocktails; low alcohol cocktails; cream liqueurs; anise (liqueur); orange liqueurs; brandy based liqueurs; coconut liqueur; mint flavoured liqueurs; grain spirit produced from wheat; mead (hydromel); cooking liqueurs; mead; agave-based spirits; alcohol for drinking; alcoholic beverages (except beer); alcoholic beverages containing fruit; alcoholic beverages containing wine; alcoholic essences; alcoholic extracts; alcoholic extracts of fruits; alcoholic mixed drinks; alcoholic preparations for making beverages; alcoholic punches; alcopops; anisette (liqueur); aperitifs; arak (arrack); arrack (arak); baijiu (chinese distilled alcoholic beverage); beverages containing wine (wine predominating); bitters; blended wine; brandy; cachaca; carbonated beverages (alcoholic, except beers); cider; cider coolers (beverages); coffee based liqueurs; cooking wine; dessert wine; digesters (liqueurs and spirits); distilled alcoholic beverages; distilled beverages; drinks containing wine (wine predominating); dry fortified wine; dry red wine; dry sparkling wines; dry white wine; dry wine; egg nog (alcoholic); eggnog (alcoholic); fermented liquors; fortified wines; fruit based alcoholic beverages; fruit extracts (alcoholic); ginger wine; kirsch; liqueurs; liquors (alcoholic beverages); low alcohol spirits; low alcohol cider; low alcohol wine; mirin (alcoholic); mulled wines; napoleon brandy; non-sparkling wines; perry; piquette; pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based; red wine; rice alcohol; rum punch; sake; sparkling cider (alcoholic); sparkling fruit wines; sangria; sparkling wines; still liqueurs; still wines; sweet fortified wine; sweet red wine; sweet sparkling wine; sweet white wine; sweet wine; vermouth; vintage wines; white wine; wine