Schnapps; brandy; distilled rice spirits [awamori]; spirits [beverages]; korean distilled spirits (soju); peppermint liqueurs; rice alcohol; bitters; amontillado; anise [liqueur]; aperitifs; liquor-based aperitifs; wine-based aperitifs; alcoholic aperitif bitters; aperitifs with a distilled alcoholic liquor base; arrack [arak]; absinthe; baijiu [chinese distilled alcoholic beverage]; alcoholic tea-based beverage; alcoholic coffee-based beverage; rum-based beverages; wine-based drinks; low alcoholic drinks; alcoholic beverages of fruit; edible alcoholic beverages; alcoholic beverages (except beer); alcoholic carbonated beverages, except beer; alcoholic beverages containing fruit; pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based; beverages containing wine [spritzers]; distilled beverages; alcoholic energy drinks; alcopops; bourbon whiskey; cooking brandy; cachaca; calvados; prepared wine cocktails; alcoholic fruit cocktail drinks; alcoholic cocktails containing milk; prepared alcoholic cocktails; alcoholic cocktails in the form of chilled gelatins; cocktails; curacao; digesters [liqueurs and spirits]; sorghum-based chinese spirits; alcoholic egg nog; alcoholic essences; alcoholic extracts; fruit extracts, alcoholic; extracts of spiritous liquors; alcoholic jellies; gin; grappa; mead [hydromel]; kirsch; ginseng liquor; chinese white liquor (baiganr); japanese white liquor (shochu); Wujiapie-jiou [mixed Chinese liquor]; gaolian-jiou [sorghum-based Chinese spirits]; blackcurrant liqueur; japanese sweet rice-based mixed liquor (shiro-zake); Laojiou [Chinese brewed alcoholic beverages]; japanese liquor flavored with japanese plum extracts; liquor flavoured with Japanese plum extracts (umeshu); Japanese liquor flavored with pine needle extracts (matsuba-zake); Japanese liquor containing herb extracts (homeishu); Japanese liquor containing mamushi-snake extracts (mamushi-zake); liqueurs; coffee-based liqueurs; scotch whisky based liqueurs; cream liqueurs; herb liqueurs; fermented spirit; japanese liquor flavored with pine needle extracts; japanese liquor containing herb extracts; Japanese liquors (naoshi); flavoured liquors; alcoholic cocktail mixes; nira [sugarcane-based alcoholic beverage]; preparations for making alcoholic beverages; rum punch; wine punch; alcoholic punches; wine coolers [drinks]; rum; rum infused with vitamins; sugar cane juice rum; sake; sangria; sherry; shochu (spirits); cider; perry; dry cider; spirits and liquors; vermouth; piquette; wine; low-alcoholic wine; sparkling white wines; mulled wines; fortified wines; sparkling grape wine; cooking wine; table wines; fruit wine; sparkling fruit wine; sweet wines; still wine; sparkling wines; naturally sparkling wines; japanese sweet grape wine containing extracts of ginseng and cinchona bark; rose wine; sparkling red wines; acanthopanax wine (ogapiju); white wine; grape wine; strawberry wine; black raspberry wine (bokbunjaju); yellow rice wine; korean traditional rice wine (makgeoli); red wine; vodka; whisky; malt whisky; blended whisky; scotch whisky