Cider; Cider coolers (beverages); Low alcohol cider; Sparkling cider (alcoholic); Alcohol for drinking; Alcoholic beverages (except beer); Alcoholic beverages containing fruit; Alcoholic beverages containing wine; Alcoholic cocktails; Alcoholic essences; Alcoholic extracts; Alcoholic extracts of fruits; Alcoholic mixed drinks; Alcoholic preparations for making beverages; Alcoholic punches; Baijiu (Chinese distilled alcoholic beverage); Carbonated beverages (alcoholic, except beers); Distilled alcoholic beverages; Egg nog (alcoholic); Eggnog (alcoholic); Fruit based alcoholic beverages; Fruit extracts (alcoholic); Liquors (alcoholic beverages); Low alcohol cocktails; Low alcohol spirits; Low alcohol wine; Mirin (alcoholic); Nira (sugarcane-based alcoholic beverage); Pre-mixed alcoholic beverages, other than beer-based; Rice alcohol; Drinks containing wine (wine predominating); Sparkling fruit wines; Beverages containing wine (wine predominating); Blended wine; Cooking wine; Dessert wine; Fortified wines; Mulled wines; Gin; Ginger Wine; Blended whisky; Bourbon whisky; Malt whisky; Whisky; Distilled beverages; Spirits (beverages); Aperitifs; Bitters; Brandy; Brandy based liqueurs; Napoleon brandy; Cocktails; Spirit based cocktails (spirits predominating); Curacao; Dry fortified wine; Agave-based spirits; Digesters (liqueurs and spirits); Fermented spirit; Grain spirit produced from wheat; Still spirits; Cooking liqueurs; Liqueurs; Mint flavoured liqueurs; Orange liqueurs; Peppermint liqueurs; Still liqueurs; Kirsch; Mead; Mead (hydromel); Perry; Rum; Rum punch; Sake; Sangria; Vermouth; Vodka