Waters; lemon barley water; orange barley water; quinine water; coconut milk [beverage]; glacial water; seltzer water; spring water; aerated water; aerated water [soda water]; bottled drinking water; mineral water [beverages]; still water; drinking water; tonic water [non-medicated beverages]; flavoured waters; waters [beverages]; table waters; lithia water; flavoured mineral water; mineral water (non-medicated -); beer; aperitifs, non-alcoholic; beer-based beverages; cola drinks; fruit-based beverages; smoothies; fruit juice beverages; frozen fruit-based beverages; whey beverages; smoked plum beverages; soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes; pineapple juice beverages; grape juice beverages; vegetable drinks; guarana drinks; aloe juice beverages; red ginseng juice beverages; apple juice beverages; fruit drinks; non-alcoholic beverages; non-alcoholic honey-based beverages; fruit-based soft drinks flavored with tea; non-alcoholic grape juice beverages; non-alcoholic vegetable juice drinks; non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea; fruit flavored soft drinks; non-alcoholic beer flavored beverages; non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with coffee; non-alcoholic beverages containing fruit juices; non-carbonated soft drinks; low-calorie soft drinks; non-alcoholic malt free beverages [other than for medical use]; carbonated non-alcoholic drinks; fruit-flavoured beverages; beverages containing vitamins; beverages consisting principally of fruit juices; aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic; fruit squashes; non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; non-alcoholic malt drinks; orange juice drinks; energy drinks; energy drinks containing caffeine; energy drinks [not for medical purposes]; flavoured carbonated beverages; frozen carbonated beverages; iced fruit beverages; isotonic beverages; isotonic beverages [not for medical purposes]; sports drinks; syrups for beverages; sports drinks containing electrolytes; low alcohol beer; coffee-flavored beer; non-alcoholic beer; lagers; wheat beer; malt beer; ginger beer; black beer [toasted-malt beer]; flavored beers; beers enriched with minerals; beer and non-alcoholic beverages; cocktails, non-alcoholic; non-alcoholic fruit cocktails; beer-based cocktails; cola; colas [soft drinks]; concentrates for making fruit drinks; concentrates for use in the preparation of soft drinks; douzhi (fermented bean drink); essences for making beverages; essences for making flavoured mineral water [not in the nature of essential oils]; essences for making non-alcoholic drinks, not in the nature of essential oils; non-alcoholic fruit extracts used in the preparation of beverages; non-alcoholic fruit extracts; extracts of hops for making beer; hop extracts for use in the preparation of beverages; extracts of unfermented must; extracts for making beverages; smoothies containing grains and oats; vegetable smoothies; dry ginger ale; part frozen slush drinks; kvass [non-alcoholic beverage]; peanut milk [non-alcoholic beverage]; coconut milk used as beverage; milk of almonds [beverage]; rice-based beverages, other than milk substitutes; bitter lemon; lemonades; processed hops for use in making beer; non-alcoholic cocktail bases; must; unfermented preserved must; beer wort; malt wort; grape must, unfermented; fruit nectars, non-alcoholic; orgeat; pastilles for effervescing beverages; powders for effervescing beverages; powders used in the preparation of fruit-based beverages; powders used in the preparation of soft drinks; porter; preparations for making beverages; preparations for making liqueurs; preparations for making mineral water; preparations for making aerated water; non-alcoholic fruit punch; non-alcoholic punch; non-alcoholic rice punch (sikhye); non-alcoholic cinnamon punch with dried persimmon (sujeonggwa); ramune (japanese soda pops); root beer; sarsaparilla [non-alcoholic beverage]; syrups for making soft drinks; syrups for making fruit-flavored drinks; syrups for making flavoured mineral waters; syrups for making beverages; syrups for making non-alcoholic beverages; syrups for lemonade; syrups for making whey-based beverages; malt syrup for beverages; shandy; cider, non-alcoholic; soda water; sherbets [beverages]; sorbets in the nature of beverages; lemon squash; stout; non-alcoholic beer; cordials; aloe vera juices; juices; fruit juice concentrates; fruit juice for use as a beverages; mixed fruit juice; tomato juice [beverage]; vegetable juices [beverages]; aerated juices; lime juice cordial; squashes [non-alcoholic beverages]; orange squash; orange juice; concentrated fruit juice; cranberry juice; grape juice; alcohol free wine; sweet cider