Powders for effervescing beverages; Syrup powder for beverages; Beer; Bitter beer; Black beer; Fruit beers; Ginger beer; Aerated mineral waters; Mineral water (beverages); Non-medicated mineral drinks; Natural mineral water (not for medical purposes); Coconut milk (beverages); Fruit beverages; Fruit juice beverages; Isotonic beverages; Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; Non-alcoholic honey-based beverages; Spring water (beverages), other than for medical purposes; Syrup for making beverages; Syrups for beverages; Tonic water (non-medicated beverages); Tropical fruit squash (beverages); Vegetable juice concentrates (beverages); Vegetable juices (beverages); Waters (beverages); Bottled fruit juices; Frozen concentrated fruit juices; Frozen fruit juices; Frozen vegetable juices; Fruit juice beverages that contain multi vitamins; Fruit juice concentrates; Fruit juices; Grape juice; Lemon juice (beverage); Lime juice cordial; Low calorie fruit juices; Orange juice; Tomato juice (beverage); Fruit syrup (beverages or for making beverages); Syrups for lemonade; Malt based preparations for making beverages; Preparations for making aerated water; Preparations for making beverages; Preparations for making liqueurs; Preparations for making mineral water; Fruit concentrates for making beverages; Fruit juice extracts (beverages or for making beverages); Fruit juice nectar (beverages or for making beverages); Liquid mixtures for making soft drinks; Alcoholic beers; Beer-based cocktails; Dark Beer; Ginger beer (alcoholic); Malt beer; Malt-containing beverages (beers); Pilsner beer; Root beer; Non-medicated mineral spring waters; Aerated spring waters; Aerated water; Bottled water (not for medical purposes); Carbonated water; Drinking water; Lemon barley water; Lithia water; Natural spring waters (not for medical purposes); Natural water (not for medical purposes); Orange barley water; Soda water; Still water (not for medical purposes); Table waters; Water (beverage) other than for medical use; Water for drinking (other than for medical purposes); Aerated fruit juices; Aerated juices; Beverages consisting of a blend of fruit and vegetable juices; Aerated beverages (non-alcoholic); Alcohol free beverages; Beverages containing not more than 1.15% (by volume) of alcohol; Beverages made from fruit concentrates; Essences for making beverages; Seltzers (beverages); Sherbets (beverages); Sorbets (beverages); Soya based beverages (not being dairy substitutes); Soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes; Fresh fruit juices; Fresh vegetable juices; Fruit juice extracts for use as a beverage; Unfermented fruit juice