Non-alcoholic beverages; colas; waters (beverages); aerated water; mineral water (beverages); seltzer water; soda water; isotonic beverages; non-alcoholic beers; ale; fruit ale; ginger ale; porter; lager; cider (non-alcoholic); fruit beers; beverages consisting of a blend of fruit and vegetable juices; beverages made from fruit concentrates; bottled fruit drinks; bottled fruit juices; concentrates for use in the preparation of fruit juice drinks; fresh fruit juices; fruit ale; fruit based drinks; fruit beverages; fruit drinks; fruit flavoured non-alcoholic drinks; fruit flavoured squashes; fruit juice beverages; fruit juice concentrates; fruit juice extracts (beverages or for making beverages); fruit juice extracts for use as a beverage; fruit juices; fruit syrup (beverages or for making beverages); lemonades containing fruit extracts; low calorie fruit juices; non-alcoholic fruit extracts; non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; smoothies (fruit beverages, fruit predominating); tropical fruit squash (beverages); vegetable drinks; fruit juice nectar (beverages or for making beverages); fruit nectars (non-alcoholic); multi-vitamin fruit nectar (other than for medical use); nectars of fruits; syrups for beverages; syrups for lemonade; edible essences for making beverages; essences for making beverages; hop essences for use in the preparation of beverages; lemonades containing fruit extracts; non-alcoholic fruit extracts; ginger beer; ginger ale; lemonades; malt beer; fruit based drinks; liquid mixtures for making soft drinks; soft drinks; vegetable drinks; vegetable extracts for use in the preparation of non-alcoholic drinks; aperitifs, non-alcoholic; non-alcoholic cocktails