Ginger beer (non-alcoholic); Non-alcoholic beers; Non-alcoholic beverages (except non-alcoholic beer); Ades [non-alcoholic fruit-based drinks]; Ades [non-alcoholic sweetened drinks of diluted fruit juices]; Aerated mineral waters; Mineral water (beverages); Natural mineral water (not for medical purposes); Aerated spring waters; Aerated water; Bottled water (not for medical purposes); Carbonated water; Coconut water (beverages); Drinking water; Flavoured water beverages; Natural spring waters (not for medical purposes); Non-medicated mineral spring waters; Spring water (beverages), other than for medical purposes; Soda water; Beverages consisting of a blend of fruit and vegetable juices; Extracts of vegetables (beverages); Fresh vegetable juices; Frozen vegetable juices; Vegetable drinks; Vegetable juice concentrates (beverages); Vegetable juices (beverages); Lemon juice (beverage); Lemon squash; Lemonades; Lemonades containing fruit extracts; Syrups for lemonade; Grape juice; Carbonated non-alcoholic drinks; Fruit flavoured non-alcoholic drinks; Fruit nectars (non-alcoholic); Non-alcoholic beverages; Non-alcoholic beverages being punches; Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with coffee; Non-alcoholic beverages flavored with tea; Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with coffee; Non-alcoholic beverages flavoured with tea; Non-alcoholic carbonated drinks; Non-alcoholic fruit extracts; Non-alcoholic fruit juice beverages; Non-alcoholic honey-based beverages; Non-alcoholic spirits; Squashes (non-alcoholic beverages); Soft drinks; Aerated drinks containing soya based products; Soya based beverages (not being dairy substitutes); Soya-based beverages, other than milk substitutes