Wreaths of natural flowers; Fishing baits, Live baits; Hops (unprocessed); Edible aquatic animals (live), Ark-shells (live), Short-necked clams (live), Abalones (live), Cuttlefish, squids and calamaries (live), Sardines (live), Shrimps, prawns and lobsters (live), Oysters (live), Crabs (live), Carp (live), Crayfish (live), Sea basses (live), Soft-shelled turtles (live), Sea breams, red snappers (live), Octopuses (live), Clams (live), Blue mussels (live); Edible seaweeds, Sea lettuce (Aosa seaweed), Kelp (Kombu seaweed), Agar (Tengusa seaweed), Laver (Nori seaweed), Brown algae (Hijiki seaweed), Seaweed (Wakame); Vegetables (fresh); Fresh vegetables (other than tea leaves), Young soybeans in the pod (Eda-mame) (fresh), Pumpkins (marrows and squashes) (fresh), Green cabbages (fresh), Cucumbers (fresh); Japanese burdock roots, (Goboh) (fresh), Sweet potatoes (fresh), Green beans (string beans) (fresh), Flavoring leaves of Japanese pepper tree (Sansho ) (fresh), Mushrooms (Shiitake) (Fresh), Perilla leaves (Shiso ) (fresh), Potatoes (fresh), Gingers (fresh), Japanese edible ferns (Zenmai) (fresh), White radishes (fresh), Bamboo shoots (fresh), Peppers (fresh), Tomatoes (fresh), Eggplants (fresh), Carrots (fresh), Leeks (fresh), Chinese cabbages (Hakusai ) (fresh), Parsley (fresh), Japanese edible butterburs (Fuki ) (fresh), Spinach (fresh), Matsutake mushrooms (fresh), Bean sprouts (fresh), Lettuce (fresh), Japanese edible horseradishes (Wasabi) (fresh), Japanese edible brackens (Warabi) (fresh); Tea leaves (unprocessed); Sugar crops, Sugar cane, Sugar beet; Fruits (fresh), Almonds (fresh), Strawberries (fresh), Oranges (fresh), Japanese persimmons (fresh), Cashew nuts (fresh), Chestnuts (fresh), Walnuts (fresh), Cola nuts (fresh), Coconuts (fresh), Watermelons (fresh), Pears (fresh), Bananas (fresh), Loquats (fresh), Grapes (fresh), Hazelnuts (fresh), Pine nuts (fresh), Mandarin oranges (tangerines) (fresh), Melons (fresh), Peaches (fresh), Apples (fresh), Lemons (fresh); Malt; Foxtail millet (unprocessed), Proso millet (unprocessed), Sesame (unprocessed), Buckwheat (unprocessed), Corn (unprocessed grain), Japanese barnyard millet (unprocessed), Wheat, barley and oats (unprocessed), Unprocessed rice, Sorghum (unprocessed); Protein for animal consumption; Animal foodstuffs, Fish meal (animal feed), Synthetic animal feed, Rice bran (animal feed), Mixed animal feed, Soy sauce cakes (animal feed), Soy bean meal (animal feed), Starch pulp (animal feed), Meat scrap meal (animal feed), Formula animal feed, Pet food; Seeds and bulbs, Bulbs for horticultural purposes, Seeds for horticultural purposes, Oil seeds, Spores and spawn (for agricultural purposes), Bulbs for agricultural purposes, Seeds for agricultural purposes; Trees, Grasses, Turf (natural), Dried flowers, Seedlings, Saplings, Flowers (natural), Pasture grass, Potted dwarfed trees (Bonsai); Live mammals, fish (not for food), birds and insects; Silkworm eggs, Cocoons for silkworm breeding; Eggs for hatching; Urushi tree seeds; Rough cork, Palm tree leaves (unworked)
Wreaths of natural flowers; fishing baits; live baits; unprocessed hops; live edible aquatic animals; live ark-shells; live short-necked clams; live abalones; live cuttlefish; live sardines; live shrimps; live oysters; live crabs; live carp; live crayfish; live sea bass; live soft-shelled turtles; live red snapper; live octopuses; live clams; live blue mussels; edible seaweeds; sea lettuce (aosa seaweed); kelp (kombu seaweed); agar (tongusa seaweed); laver (nori seaweed); brown algae (hijiki seaweed); seaweed (wakame); fresh vegetables; fresh edamame (young soybeans in the pod); fresh squashes; fresh cabbage; fresh cucumbers; fresh Japanese burdock roots, (goboh); fresh sweet potatoes; fresh string beans; fresh flavoring leaves of Japanese pepper tree (sansho); fresh shiitake mushrooms; fresh perilla leaves (shiso); fresh potatoes; fresh ginger; fresh Japanese edible ferns (zenmai); fresh white radishes; fresh bamboo shoots; fresh peppers; fresh tomatoes; fresh eggplant; fresh carrots; fresh leeks; fresh Chinese cabbages (hakusai); fresh parsley; fresh Japanese edible butterburs (fuki); fresh spinach; fresh matsutake mushrooms; fresh bean sprouts; fresh lettuce; fresh Japanese edible horseradishes (wasabi); fresh Japanese edible brackens (warabi); unprocessed tea leaves; sugar crops; sugar cane; sugar beet; fresh fruits; fresh almonds; fresh strawberries; fresh oranges; fresh Japanese persimmons; fresh cashew nuts; fresh chestnuts; fresh walnuts; fresh cola nuts; fresh coconuts; fresh watermelon; fresh pears; fresh bananas; fresh loquats; fresh grapes; fresh hazelnuts; pine nuts; fresh mandarin oranges (tangerines); fresh melons; fresh peaches; fresh apples; fresh lemons; malt, not for food; unprocessed foxtail millet; unprocessed proso millet; unprocessed edible sesame; unprocessed buckwheat; corn (unprocessed grain); unprocessed Japanese barnyard millet; unprocessed wheat, barley and oats; unprocessed rice; unprocessed sorghum; animal foodstuffs; fish meal, animal feed; synthetic animal feed; rice bran, animal feed; mixed animal feed; soy sauce cakes, animal feed; soy bean meal for animal feed; starch pulp for animal feed; meat scrap meal, animal feed; formula animal feed; pet food; seeds and bulbs; bulbs for horticultural purposes; seeds for horticultural purposes; oil seeds; spores for agricultural purposes; bulbs for agricultural purposes; seeds for agricultural purposes; trees; grasses; natural turf; dried flowers; seedlings; saplings; natural flowers; pasture grass; bonsai (potted dwarfed tree); live mammals; live fish, other than for human consumption; birds; live insects; silkworm eggs; cocoons for silkworm breeding; eggs for hatching; urushi tree seeds; rough cork; unworked palm tree leaves
Wreaths of natural flowers for ceremonies or funerals; fishing baits; hops; edible aquatic animals, live; edible seaweeds; vegetables, fresh; fresh vegetables, other than tea leaves; tea leaves, unprocessed; sugar crops; fruits, fresh; malt, not for food; foxtail millet, unprocessed; proso millet, unprocessed; sesame, unprocessed; buckwheat, unprocessed; corn [unprocessed grain]; Japanese barnyard millet, unprocessed; wheat, barley and oats, unprocessed; unprocessed rice; sorghum, unprocessed; protein-enriched feed for animal consumption; animal foodstuffs; seeds and bulbs; trees; grasses [plants]; turf [natural]; dried flowers; seedlings; saplings; flowers [natural]; pasture grass; potted dwarfed trees [Bonsai]; live mammals, fish [not for food], birds and insects; silkworm eggs; cocoons for silkworm breeding; eggs for hatching; Urushi tree seeds; rough cork; palm tree leaves, unworked; live baits; ark-shells, live; short-necked clams, live; abalones, live; cuttlefish, squids and calamaries, live; sardines, live; shrimps, prawns and lobsters, live; oysters, live; crabs, live; carp, live; crayfish, live; sea basses, live; soft-shelled turtles, live; sea breams, live; octopuses, live; clams, live; blue mussels, live; sea lettuce [Aosa seaweed]; kelp [Kombu seaweed]; agar [Tengusa seaweed]; laver [Nori seaweed]; brown algae [Hijiki seaweed]; seaweed [Wakame]; young soybeans in the pod (Eda-mame), fresh; pumpkins (marrows and squashes), fresh; green cabbages, fresh; cucumbers, fresh; Japanese burdock roots (Goboh), fresh; sweet potatoes, fresh; green beans (string beans), fresh; flavoring leaves of Japanese pepper tree (Sansho), fresh; mushrooms (Shiitake), fresh; perilla leaves (Shiso), fresh; potatoes, fresh; gingers, fresh; Japanese edible ferns (Zenmai), fresh; white radishes, fresh; bamboo shoots, fresh; peppers, fresh; corn [fresh vegetables]; tomatoes, fresh; eggplants, fresh; carrots, fresh; leeks, fresh; Chinese cabbages (Hakusai), fresh; parsley, fresh; Japanese edible butterburs (Fuki), fresh; spinach, fresh; Matsutake mushrooms, fresh; bean sprouts, fresh; lettuce, fresh; Japanese edible horseradishes (Wasabi), fresh; Japanese edible brackens (Warabi), fresh; sugar cane; sugar beet, fresh; almonds, fresh; strawberries, fresh; oranges, fresh; Japanese persimmons, fresh; cashew nuts, fresh; chestnuts, fresh; walnuts, fresh; cola nuts, fresh; coconuts, fresh; watermelons, fresh; pears, fresh; bananas, fresh; loquats, fresh; grapes, fresh; hazelnuts, fresh; pine nuts, fresh; mandarin oranges (tangerines), fresh; melons, fresh; peaches, fresh; apples, fresh; lemons, fresh; fish meal [animal feed]; synthetic animal feed; rice bran [animal feed]; mixed animal feed; soy sauce cakes [animal feed]; soy bean meal [animal feed]; starch pulp [animal feed]; meat scrap meal [animal food]; formula animal feed; pet food; bulbs for horticultural purposes; seeds for horticultural purposes; oil seeds, unprocessed; spores and spawn for agricultural purposes; bulbs for agricultural purposes; seeds for agricultural purposes; aquarium fish.