Sowing seeds; agricultural products not included in other classes; horticultural products not included in other classes; forestry products not included in other classes; live animals; seeds; natural plants; flowers; foodstuffs for animals; fodder for animals; malt; fodder for domestic animals, small animals, fish, birds and reptiles, among others as litter, powder, flakes, granulate, beads or tablets, as sticks or in liquid form; bedding and litter for animals; nesting material; lime for animal forage; plants, dried, for decoration; live plants used as aquarium and terrarium landscapes; algarovilla for animal consumption; algae for human or animal consumption; aloe vera plants; aromatic sand for pets; raw barks; distillery waste for animal consumption; nettles; peanuts, fresh; peanut meal for animals; peanut cake for animals; fishing bait, live; fish meal for animal consumption; grains for animal consumption; meal for animals; foodstuffs and fodder for animals; foodstuffs for animals, including  tonics as well as beverages for animals; straw [forage]; beverages for pets; cereal seeds, unprocessed; yeast for animal consumption; hay; locust bean; edible chews for animals; seed germ for botanical purposes; bran; bran mash for animal consumption; rough cork; cork bark; strengthening animal forage; crayfish, not live, for animal consumption; agricultural, horticultural and forestry products as well as grains, to the extent included under class 31 and in particular as decorative materials for terrariums and vivariums; preparations for egg laying poultry; linseed for animal consumption; linseed meal for animal consumption; corn for animal consumption; animal fattening preparations; stall food for animals; menagerie animals; by-products of the processing of cereals, for animal consumption; pollen [raw material]; rice meal for forage; salt and fodder for breeding crustacean larvae; cuttlefish bones for birds; silkworms; silkworm eggs; cuttle bones; cuttle bones for birds; products for animal litter; bred stock; foodstuffs and fodder for terrarium and vivarium animals; salt for cattle; wheat; wheatgerm for animal consumption; roots for food; chicory roots