Seaweed, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption; Algae, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption; Algarovilla for animal consumption; Almonds (fruits); Aloe vera plants; Animal fattening preparations; Grains for animal consumption; Wheat germ for animal consumption; Yeast for animal consumption; Livestock fattening preparations; Aromatic sand (litter) for pets; Artichokes, fresh; Bagasses of cane (raw material); Raw barks; Barley; Beans, fresh; Beet, fresh; Berries, fresh; Beverages for pets; Bird food; Bran; Cereal seeds, unprocessed; Chestnuts, fresh; Chicory roots; Chicory, fresh; Natural Christmas trees (not artificial); Citrus fruit, fresh; Cocoa beans, raw; Coconut shell; Coconuts; Copra; Cucumbers, fresh; Flax meal (fodder); Flower bulbs; Flowers, dried, for decoration; Flowers, natural; Fodder; Cattle food; Forage; Fruit, fresh; Garden herbs, fresh; Garlic, fresh; Grapes, fresh; Leeks, fresh; Lemons, fresh; Lentils, fresh; Lettuce, fresh; Mushrooms, fresh; Olives, fresh; Onions, fresh vegetables; Oranges, fresh; Peanuts, fresh; Peas, fresh; Potatoes, fresh; Rhubarb, fresh; Spinach, fresh; Squashes (plants, fresh); Truffles, fresh; Vegetable marrows, fresh; Vegetables, fresh; Fruit residue (marc); Grains (cereals); Hazelnuts, fresh; Herrings, live; Hop cones; Hops; Juniper berries; Kola nuts; Litter peat; Locust beans, raw; Maize; Malt for brewing and distilling; Mash for fattening livestock; Nettles; Nuts, unprocessed; Oats; Peppers (plants); Pet food; Plants; Plants, dried, for decoration; Pollen (raw material); Poultry, live; Rape cake for cattle; Residue in a still after distillation; Rice meal for forage; Rice, unprocessed; Rose bushes; Rye; Plant seeds; Seed germ for botanical purposes; Seedlings; Seeds for planting; Edible sesame, unprocessed; Shrubs; Sugarcane; Trees; Trunks of trees; Vine plants; Wheat