Oats; fresh carrots; agricultural, horticultural and forestry products (not included in other classes); animal feed; beans, fresh; beet; berries, fresh fruits; beverages for animals; beverages for pets; bird food; biscuits for animals; bouquets of dried flowers; bouquets of fresh flowers; canned foods for animals; canned foods for cats; canned fruit for dogs; capsicums; cashew kernels; cat food; cattle food; citrus fruit; cocoa beans, raw; dog biscuits; dog food; edible nuts (unprocessed); fresh apples; fresh asparagus; fresh beans; fresh berries; fresh cherries; fresh chillies; fresh citrus fruits; fresh courgettes; fresh culinary herbs; fresh flower arrangements; fresh flowers; fresh fruit; fresh garden herbs; fresh grapes; fresh herb preparations (other than for medicinal purposes); fresh herbs; fresh legumes; fresh mandarins; fresh mushrooms; fresh nuts; fresh olives; fresh oranges; fresh peas; fresh plants; fresh pulses; fresh seaweed; fresh soya beans; fresh strawberries; fresh sweet corn; fresh tangerines; fresh tomatoes; fresh tropical fruits; fresh truffles; fresh vegetables; fresh zucchinis; fruit residue (marc); fruit, fresh; garden herbs, fresh; garlic (fresh); grapefruits; grapes, fresh; hazelnuts; hops; lemons; lentils, fresh; marc; melons; mint (fresh); mixed fruits (fresh); mushrooms, fresh; nuts (fruits); olives, fresh; peanuts, unprocessed; peas, fresh; pet food; pineapples (fresh); pomegranates; raw barks; raw berries; raw nut kernels; raw popcorn; rhubarb; salad crops; salad vegetables (fresh); seeds prepared for consumption by animals; unprocessed agricultural product; unprocessed apples; unprocessed asparagus; unprocessed barley; unprocessed bee pollen; unprocessed berries; unprocessed cereal; unprocessed cereal grains; unprocessed cereal seeds; unprocessed cherries; unprocessed chillies; unprocessed cocoa beans; unprocessed corn; unprocessed nuts; vegetable seeds; vegetables, fresh; watermelons
Oats; processed oats for consumption by animals; unprocessed oats; oats for consumption by animals; processed oats for consumption by animals; raw cereals [unprocessed]; cereal seeds, unprocessed; cereal seeds, unprocessed; processed cereals for consumption by animals; non-processed cereals; unprocessed grain; bran; bran; rice bran [animal feed]; rice meal for fodder; oilseed meal for animals; soy bean meal [animal feed]; meal for animals; germ grains; fresh bean sprouts; raw nut kernels; grains [cereals]; crop seeds; wheat; unprocessed wheat; unprocessed grains for eating; unprocessed buckwheat; maize; sweetcorn [fresh]; fresh corn; unprocessed corn; maize (processed -) for consumption by animals; unprocessed corn; maize for consumption by animals; malt; malts and unprocessed cereals; malt grains [unprocessed]; malt for animals; malt for brewing; malt for brewing and distilling; malt for distilling; almonds [fruits]; hazelnuts; fresh hazelnuts; peanuts, fresh; nuts [fruits]; fresh cashew nuts; fresh areca nuts; coconuts; fresh coconuts; unprocessed coconuts; nuts being fresh; nuts (fruit); unprocessed nuts; barley; beer barley; malted barley; barley (unprocessed -); barley for use in brewing beer; pearl barley [in the husk]; fresh pine nuts; fresh pistachio nuts; unprocessed rice; unprocessed rice; cocoa beans, raw; sunflower seeds; cocoa beans, raw; natural seeds; unprocessed oil seeds; grains for animal consumption; fresh soya beans; live trouts; edible sesame, unprocessed