Mandarin oranges (fresh), hazelnuts (fresh), nuts (fresh), juniper tree berry (fresh), lemons (fresh), live chestnuts, live olives, live grapes, fresh watermelons, fresh fruits, fresh edible berries, fresh feijoa, almond (fresh), cherries (fresh), oranges (fresh), olives (fresh), gingko nuts (fresh), plums (fresh), grapefruits (fresh), pine nuts (fresh), oriental melons (fresh), coconuts (fresh), kola nuts (fresh) kiwifruits, pineapples (fresh), papayas (fresh), grapes (fresh), walnuts (fresh), raw cocoa beans, rhubarb (fresh), leeks (fresh), lettuce (fresh), chicories for salad (fresh), live potatoes, live mushrooms, edible root vegetables (fresh), fresh truffles, fresh onions, fresh garden herbs, fresh vegetables, cucumbers (fresh), chicory roots (fresh), squashes (fresh), sugar beets, sugarcane, residue of sugarcane, fresh sugar beets, copra, kidney beans, locust beans (fresh), unprocessed grains, unprocessed oats, unprocessed proso millet, unprocessed flower powders (unprocessed pollen), unprocessed beans, unprocessed perilla seeds, unprocessed buckwheat, unprocessed wheat, unprocessed rice, unprocessed barley, unprocessed african millet, unprocessed foxtail millet, unprocessed sesame, unprocessed barnyard millet, unprocessed embryo bud, rice, live lentils, live maize, live peas, live broad beans, live red beans, rye, grain seeds, seeds for fruits and vegetables, fruit seeds, bulbs, bulbs for flower, flower seeds, bulbs for agricultural purposes, seeds and spawn for agricultural purposes, harvest seeds, nursery trees, unprocessed grain seeds, mushroom spawn, apple tree seeds, fine cone, seed germs for botantical purposes, plant seeds, bulbs for agricultural purposes, seeds for agricultural purposes, seeds, seeds and bulbs, oil seeds, seeds for seedlings, grasses seeds, shrubs, trees, rice sprouts, hay, sapling, potted dwarfed trees, weeds for people or animals, live plants, live plants (except for vegetables), live turf, live rose bushes, live pepper trees, natu; ral flowers, nettles, rose bushes, palm trees, natural turf, vine plants, grasses, woods (shell offed), tree cane, woods before lumbering, logs