Horticultural produce; Unprocessed agricultural produce; Arrangements of fresh fruit; Artichokes, fresh; Beans, fresh; Beet, fresh; Berries, fresh; Bouquets of fresh flowers; Capsicums, fresh; Catnip (fresh); Chestnuts, fresh; Chicory, fresh; Citrus fruit, fresh; Cucumbers, fresh; Floral decorations (fresh); Fresh apples; Fresh asparagus; Fresh beans; Fresh berries; Fresh carrots; Fresh cherries; Fresh chillies; Fresh citrus fruits; Fresh courgettes; Fresh culinary herbs; Fresh flower arrangements; Fresh flowers; Fresh fruit; Fresh garden herbs; Fresh grapes; Fresh herb preparations (other than for medicinal purposes); Fresh herbs; Fresh legumes; Fresh mandarins; Fresh meat for cats; Fresh meat for dogs; Fresh mushrooms; Fresh nuts; Fresh olives; Fresh oranges; Fresh peas; Fresh plants; Fresh pulses; Fresh seaweed; Fresh soya beans; Fresh squash (vegetables); Fresh strawberries; Fresh sweet corn; Fresh tangerines; Fresh tomatoes; Fresh tropical fruits; Fresh truffles; Fresh vegetables; Fresh zucchinis; Fruit, fresh; Garden herbs, fresh; Garlic, fresh; Grapes, fresh; Hazelnuts, fresh; Kernel fruits (fresh); Leeks, fresh; Lemons, fresh; Lentils, fresh; Lettuce, fresh; Mint, fresh; Mixed fruits, fresh; Mushrooms, fresh; Olives, fresh; Onions, fresh vegetables; Oranges, fresh; Peanuts, fresh; Peas, fresh; Pineapples, fresh; Potatoes, fresh; Potted fresh herbs; Rhubarb, fresh; Root vegetables, fresh; Salad vegetables, fresh; Spinach, fresh; Squashes (plants, fresh); Squashes, fresh; Truffles, fresh; Vegetable marrows, fresh; Vegetables, fresh; Almonds (fruits); Fruit bushes; Fruit residue (marc); Fruit shrubs; Fruit trees; Nuts (fruits); Vegetable protein foodstuffs for consumption by animals; Vegetable seeds