Hay; Animal feed; Pet food; Dried alfalfa for animals; Food for animals; Algae for human or animal consumption; Algarovilla for animal consumption; Animal fattening preparations; Animal foodstuffs; Animal foodstuffs for the weaning of animals; Bedding for animals; Bedding materials for animals; Beverages for animals; Binder for animal feed pellets; Biscuits for animals; Bran mash for animal consumption; By-products of the processing of cereals, for animal consumption; Canned foods for animals; Cereal based foodstuffs for animals; Cereal cakes for animals; Cereals products for consumption by animals; Distillery waste for animal consumption; Edible chewing products for domestic animals; Edible chews for animals; Fertilised animal ova; Fish meal for animal consumption; Flaxseed for animal consumption; Flaxseed meal for animal consumption; Food products for animals; Food substances for animals; Grains for animal consumption; Lime for animal forage; Linseed for animal consumption; Linseed meal for animal consumption; Litter for animals; Live animals; Maize for consumption by animals; Maize products for consumption by animals; Malt for animals; Meal for animals; Menagerie animals; Milk for use as foodstuffs for animals; Milk substitutes for use as foodstuffs for animals; Milk-based foodstuffs for animals; Milled food products for animals; Oat-based food for animals; Oatmeal for consumption by animals; Oilseed meal for animals; Peanut cake for animals; Peanut meal for animals; Pet animals; Powdered milk for animals; Prepared oats for consumption by animals; Preserved crops for animal feeds; Processed cereals for consumption by animals; Processed grains for consumption by animals; Products for animal litter; Protein foodstuffs for animal consumption; Pulses (foodstuffs for animals); Residual products of cereals for animal consumption; Sanded paper for use in animal cages; Seaweed for human or animal consumption; Seeds prepared for consumption by animals; Stall food for animals; Strengthening animal forage; Vegetable protein foodstuffs for consumption by animals; Wheat germ for animal consumption; Wheat protein foodstuffs for animals; Woodshavings for use as animal bedding; Woodshavings for use as animal litter; Yeast for animal consumption; Yeast for animal fodder; Grains (cereals); Grains (seeds); Unprocessed cereal grains; Grass; Grass (sod); Grass seeds; Horse feed; Kitty litter; Livestock fattening preparations; Mash for fattening livestock; Aromatic sand for pets (litter); Cat litter; Litter peat; Sanded paper for pets (litter); Straw litter; Straw; Straw (forage); Cereal seeds, unprocessed; Natural edible plants (unprocessed); Raw cereals (unprocessed); Unprocessed agricultural produce; Unprocessed cereal; Unprocessed cereal seeds; Unprocessed corn; Wheat