Fishing bait (live); hops; fish and shellfishes for food (live); seaweed, fresh for consumption, fresh vegetables; millet, unprocessed; sesame, unprocessed; buckwheat, unprocessed; maize; barnyard millet unprocessed; wheat; barley; oats; Japanese sumac tree; copra; malt; rough cork; palm tree leaves; animals and fish (not for consumption); birds and reptiles (live); silkworm eggs; eggs for hatching; animal foodstuffs; fresh fruit; sugarcane; sugar beet; seeds; cereal seeds, unprocessed; edible seeds (unprocessed); flax (linseed) plant seeds; flower seeds; grass seeds; natural seeds; plant seeds; propagation material (seeds); seeds for planting; seeds prepared for consumption by animals; sunflower seeds (unprocessed); unprocessed seeds; vegetable seeds; natural grasses; lawns; seedlings; pasture; protein for animal consumption; wood bark (raw) or wood bark (mulch); trees; apple trees; conifer trees; fir trees; fruit trees; live Christmas trees (cut); live Christmas trees (potted); live trees; natural Christmas trees (not artificial); palm trees; quassia trees; quebracho trees; trunks of trees; plants; dried plants; flowering plants; climbing plants; foliage plants; flax (linseed) plants; fresh plants; house plants; leguminous plants; live plants; living plants; natural edible plants (unprocessed); natural plants; nursery plants; pennyroyal (plants); peppers (plants); plants; plants for aquaria (live); plants for ponds (live); plants, dried, for decoration; potted plants; pyrethrum (plants); roses (plants); squashes (plants, fresh); vine plants; aloe vera plants; asparagus plants; flowers; dried flowers; wreaths of natural flowers; arrangements of dried flowers for decorative purposes; arrangements of natural flowers; bouquets of dried flowers; bouquets of fresh flowers; cut flowers; natural flowers, dried, for decoration; flowers, natural; fresh flowers; gilded flowers; live flowers; natural flowers