Climbing plants; Dried plants; Flowering plants; Foliage plants; Fresh plants; House plants; Leguminous plants; Live plants; Living plants; Natural edible plants (unprocessed); Natural plants; Nursery plants; Plant bulbs; Plant cuttings; Plant seeds; Plants; Plants for aquaria (live); Plants for ponds (live); Plants, dried, for decoration; Potted plants; Seeds for planting; Tissue cultures being live plant material; Tubers for plant propagation; Vine plants; Agricultural, horticultural and forestry products (not included in other classes); Unprocessed agricultural produce; Seed germ for botanical purposes; Floral decorations (dried); Floral decorations (fresh); Worm farms (worms and housings for worms, sold together as a kit); Arrangements of dried flowers for decorative purposes; Bouquets of dried flowers; Bouquets of fresh flowers; Cut flowers; Dried flowers; Flower bulbs; Flower seeds; Fresh flower arrangements; Fresh flowers; Fruit trees; Grape vine trees; Live trees; Palm trees; Trees; Berries, fresh fruits; Fresh fruit; Fruit bushes; Fruit shrubs; Kernel fruits (fresh); Nuts (fruits); Root vegetables, fresh; Salad vegetables, fresh; Vegetable protein foodstuffs for consumption by animals; Vegetable seeds; Vegetables, fresh; Unprocessed nuts; Horticultural mulches; Mulch and fertilizer mixes, mulch predominating; Algae for human or animal consumption; Edible seeds (unprocessed); Grains (seeds); Grass seeds; Mats containing seed for laying lawns; Natural seeds; Propagation material (seeds); Seedlings; Fresh culinary herbs; Fresh garden herbs; Fresh herb preparations (other than for medicinal purposes); Fresh herbs; Fresh mushrooms; Fresh pulses; Fresh seaweed; Fresh truffles; Dried moss; Mushroom spawn; Mushroom spawn for propagation; Reinforced turf; Turf, natural; Food substances for animals; Protein foodstuffs for animal consumption; Roots for food; Wheat protein foodstuffs for animals; Palms; Pollen (raw material); Germ grains; Malt germs; Wheat germ for animal consumption; Grass; Grass (sod); Hanging basket liners (moss); Hop cones; Hop pellets; Hops; Horticultural produce; Raw berries; Unprocessed berries; Legumes; Live shrubs; Malt for brewing and distilling