Cereal seeds, unprocessed; edible seeds (unprocessed; flax (linseed) plant seeds; flower seeds; grains (seeds); grass seeds; natural seeds; plant seeds; propagation material (seeds); seeds for planting; sunflower seeds; unprocessed cereal seeds; vegetable seeds; asparagus plants; climbing plants; flax (linseed) plants; flowering plants; foliage plants; fresh plants; house plants; leguminous plants; live plants; living plants; natural edible plants (unprocessed); natural plants; nursery plants; pennyroyal (plants); peppers (plants); plants; plants for ponds (live); potted plants; pyrethrum (plants); roses (plants); squashes (plants, fresh); vine plants; bulbs; flower bulbs; plant bulbs; tubers for plant propagation; plant cuttings; palms (leaves of the palm tree); almonds (fruits); berries, fresh fruits; citrus fruit; fresh citrus fruits; fresh fruit; fresh tropical fruits; fruit bushes; fruit residue (marc); fruit shrubs; fruit trees; fruit, fresh; kernel fruits (fresh); mixed fruits (fresh); nuts (fruits); peanuts (fruits); cola nuts; edible nuts (unprocessed); fresh nuts; kola nuts; nuts (fruits); unprocessed nuts; germ grains; grains (seeds); unprocessed cereal grains; fresh culinary herbs; fresh garden herbs; fresh herbs; garden herbs, fresh; potted fresh herbs; arrangements of dried flowers for decorative purposes; bouquets of dried flowers; dried flowers; dried moss; dried plants; floral decorations (dried); flowers, dried, for decoration; plants, dried, for decoration; fresh vegetables; onions, fresh vegetables; root vegetables (fresh); salad vegetables (fresh); vegetables, fresh; fresh herb preparations (other than for medicinal purposes); agricultural, horticultural and forestry products (not included in other classes); horticultural mulches; horticultural produce
Cereal seeds, unprocessed; Edible nuts (unprocessed); Edible seeds (unprocessed); Macadamia nuts, unprocessed; Natural edible plants (unprocessed); Nuts, unprocessed; Peanuts, unprocessed; Quinoa, unprocessed; Raw cereals (unprocessed); Rice, unprocessed; Spirulina, unprocessed; Sunflower seeds (unprocessed); Unprocessed agricultural produce; Unprocessed apples; Unprocessed berries; Unprocessed cereal; Unprocessed chillies; Unprocessed corn; Unprocessed grains; Unprocessed nuts; Unprocessed seeds; Raw berries; Raw grain; Raw nut kernels; Horticultural produce; Grains (cereals); Flower seeds; Grass seeds; Natural seeds; Plant seeds; Propagation material (seeds); Seed germ for botanical purposes; Seed potatoes; Seedlings; Seeds for planting; Vegetable seeds; Almonds (fruits); Fresh citrus fruits; Fresh fruit; Fresh tropical fruits; Fruit trees; Fresh vegetables; Root vegetables, fresh; Salad vegetables, fresh; Fresh culinary herbs; Fresh garden herbs; Fresh herbs; Natural flowers; Natural grass; Natural plants; Natural turf; Aloe vera plants; Asparagus plants; Climbing plants; Dried plants for decoration; Fresh plants; House plants; Leguminous plants; Live plants; Living plants; Plants; Vine plants; edible flowers, fresh; Plant bulbs; Animal feed; Animal foodstuffs; Animal foodstuffs for the weaning of animals; Bedding for animals; Bedding materials for animals; Binder for animal feed pellets; Food for animals; Food products for animals; Food substances for animals; Grains for animal consumption; Live animals; Malt for animals; Mineral salts for animals; Oat-based food for animals; Oatmeal for consumption by animals; Pet animals; Processed cereals for consumption by animals; Processed grains for consumption by animals; Woodshavings for use as animal bedding; Woodshavings for use as animal litter; Live aquatic creatures; Live birds; Live fish; Lobsters (live); Mash for fattening livestock; Poultry, live; Prawns (live); Salmon, live; Sardines, live; Shrimps (live); Turkeys (live); Bedding material for birds; Bird food; Bird seed; Beef cattle; Salt for cattle