Baled air-cured hay, Hay, Algae, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption, Algarovilla for animal consumption, Almonds (fruits), Aloe vera plants, Animal fattening preparations, Animal feed, Animal foodstuffs, Animal foodstuffs for the weaning of animals, Asparagus plants, Bagasses of cane (raw material), Bedding for animals, Bedding materials for animals, Beverages for animals, Binder for animal feed pellets, Bird seed, Biscuits for animals, Bran mash for animal consumption, Bulbs, By-products of the processing of cereals, for animal consumption, Canned foods for animals, Cereal based foodstuffs for animals, Cereal cakes for animals, Cereal seeds, unprocessed, Cereals products for consumption by animals, Climbing plants, Cocoa beans, raw, Distillery waste for animal consumption, Dried alfalfa for animals, Dried plants, Edible chewing products for domestic animals, Edible chews for animals, Edible seeds (unprocessed), Fertilised animal ova, Fish meal for animal consumption, Flavourings for animal feed, Flax (linseed) plant seeds, Flax (linseed) plants, Flaxseed for animal consumption, Flaxseed meal for animal consumption, Flower bulbs, Flower seeds, Flowering plants, Foliage plants, Food for animals, Food products for animals, Food substances for animals, Fresh citrus fruits, Fresh culinary herbs, Fresh garden herbs, Fresh herb preparations (other than for medicinal purposes), Fresh herbs, Fresh plants, Fresh squash (vegetables), Fresh tropical fruits, Fresh vegetables, Garden herbs, fresh, Germ grains, Grains (cereals), Grains for animal consumption, Grass seeds, Horticultural mulches, Horticultural produce, House plants, Kernel fruits (fresh), Leguminous plants, Lime for animal forage, Linseed for animal consumption, Linseed meal for animal consumption, Litter for animals, Live animals, Live plants, Living plants, Locust beans, raw, Maize for consumption by animals, Maize products for consumption by animals, Malt for animals, Malt grains (unprocessed), Mats co; ntaining seed for laying lawns, Meal for animals, Menagerie animals, Milk for use as foodstuffs for animals, Milk substitutes for use as foodstuffs for animals, Milk-based foodstuffs for animals, Milled food products for animals, Mineral salts for animals, Mixed fruits, fresh, Natural edible plants (unprocessed), Natural plants, Natural seeds, Nursery plants, Nuts (fruits), Oat-based food for animals, Oatmeal for consumption by animals, Oilseed meal for animals, Onions, fresh vegetables, Peanut cake for animals, Peanut meal for animals, Pelleted animal feed, Pennyroyal (plants), Peppers (plants), Pet animals, Plant bulbs, Plant seeds, Plants, Plants for aquaria (live), Plants for ponds (live), Plants, dried, for decoration, Pollen (raw material), Potted fresh herbs, Potted plants, Powdered milk for animals, Prepared oats for consumption by animals, Preserved crops for animal feeds, Processed cereals for consumption by animals, Processed grains for consumption by animals, Propagation material (seeds), Protein foodstuffs for animal consumption, Pulses (foodstuffs for animals), Pyrethrum (plants), Raw barks, Raw bee pollen, Raw berries, Raw cereals (unprocessed), Raw grain, Raw nut kernels, Raw popcorn, Residual products of cereals for animal consumption, Residues from malt treatment for use as an animal feed, Root vegetables, fresh, Roots for animal consumption, Roses (plants), Salad vegetables, fresh, Sanded paper for use in animal cages, Seaweed, unprocessed, for human or animal consumption, Seed germ for botanical purposes, Seed potatoes, Seedlings, Seeds for planting, Seeds prepared for consumption by animals, Squashes (plants, fresh), Stall food for animals, Strengthening animal forage, Sunflower seeds (unprocessed), Unprocessed agricultural produce, Unprocessed grains, Unprocessed seeds, Vegetable protein foodstuffs for consumption by animals, Vegetable seeds, Vegetables, fresh, Vine plants, Wheat germ for animal consumption, Wheat protein foodstuffs for animals; , Woodshavings for use as animal bedding, Woodshavings for use as animal litter, Yeast for animal consumption, Yeast for animal fodder, Arrangements of dried flowers for decorative purposes, Arrangements of fresh fruit, Arrangements of natural flowers, Beverages for pets, Bouquets of dried flowers, Bouquets of fresh flowers, Citrus fruit, fresh, Cut flowers, Dried flowers, Flowers, dried, for decoration, Flowers, natural, Fresh flower arrangements, Fresh flowers, Fresh fruit, Fruit bushes, Fruit residue (marc), Fruit shrubs, Fruit trees, Fruit, fresh, Gilded flowers, Live flowers, Malt for brewing and distilling, Malt germs, Malted barley, Natural flowers, Nutrients (foodstuffs) for fish, Plant cuttings, Tissue cultures being live plant material, Tubers for plant propagation, Vegetable marrows, fresh, Wreaths of natural flowers