Uht milk; acidophilus milk; albumin milk; almond milk; almond milk-based beverages; almond milk for culinary purposes; beverages based on fermented milk substitutes; beverages consisting primarily of milk; beverages consisting principally of milk; beverages having a milk base; buttermilk; coconut milk; coconut milk-based beverages; coconut milk [beverage]; coconut milk for cooking; coconut milk for culinary purposes; coconut milk powder; condensed milk; cow's milk; dairy products based on milk substitutes; eggs, milk and milk products; evaporated milk; fermented milk; fermented milk substitutes; full-fat milk; goat milk; goat's milk; goat's milk cheese; half and half [milk and cream mixture]; hemp milk for use as a milk substitute; hemp milk used as a milk substitute; kefir [milk beverage]; kephir [milk beverage]; koumiss [kumiss] [milk beverage]; kumys [kumyss] [milk beverage]; lactose-free milk; low-fat milk; milk; milk and milk products; milk-based beverages containing coffee; milk-based beverages containing fruit juice; milk-based beverages containing fruits; milk-based beverages flavored with chocolate; milk-based beverages flavored with vanilla; milk-based beverages flavoured with chocolate; milk-based beverages flavoured with vanilla; milk-based strawberry-flavored beverages; milk-based strawberry-flavoured beverages; milk beverages, milk predominating; milk curd; milk ferments for culinary purposes; milk products; milk shakes; milk solids; milk substitutes; non-fat milk; nonfat milk; nut-based milk for use as a milk substitute; oat milk; organic milk; pasteurized milk; peanut milk; peanut milk-based beverages; peanut milk [milk substitute]; powdered coconut milk; powdered milk*; prostokvasha [soured milk]; protein milk; rice milk; rice milk-based beverages; rice milk for culinary purposes; rice milk for culinary use; rice milk for use as a milk substitute; ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; semi-skimmed milk; sheep milk; sheep's milk; sheep's milk cheese; skim milk; skimmed milk; soy milk; soy milk for culinary purposes; soya-based beverages used as milk substitutes; soya milk; soya milk for culinary purposes; vitamin d-enriched milk; vitamin d milk; vitamin-enriched milk; whole milk; yoghurt based on milk substitutes; formed textured vegetable protein for use as a meat substitute; textured vegetable protein for use as a meat extender; unformed textured vegetable protein for use as a meat extender; peanut milk for culinary purposes; honey butter.