Tofu, fish, shellfish, crustaceans, food products prepared from fish, shellfish and/or crustaceans, including frozen fish-based and/or seafood-based food products, breaded crab claws, Chinese fish cakes, coloured fish cakes, coloured chips made from fish, imitation cuttlefish, fish-based corn sticks, curry flavoured fish balls, flavoured cuttlefish rectangles (ika ten), cuttlefish balls, cuttlefish chips, fish balls, fish cakes, fish cakes (kizami), fish chips, fish tofu balls, fish tofu, fish flavoured tofu, seafood tofu, seafood bean cakes, fried cuttlefish cakes (imitation ika fry), frozen minced fish meat (surimi), fried coloured rolls, fried crab meat cakes, fish-based green bean sticks, hot jor (seafood balls), crab dumplings, cuttlefish sausages, imitation chicken surimi puffs (gyo), imitation crab bites, imitation crab claws, imitation crab flakes, imitation scallops, Japanese fish cakes (imitation tsumami), Japanese fish cakes (ebi ten), Japanese fish cakes (fu jhow style balls), Japanese fish cakes (ika shilashi), Japanese fish cakes (koban balls), Japanese fish cakes (koban cakes), Japanese fish cakes (tempura), Japanese fish cakes (tsumami age), Japanese fish cakes (kaqiki steak), leaf shaped fish cakes, lobster balls, may flower fish rolls, mushroom fish balls, ngoh hiang (seafood rolls), oborotsuki (sliced seafood stick), prawn balls, prawn cakes (ebi ten), prawn sticks, salmon flavoured balls, seafood salad mix crab flavoured, imitation crab chunks, seafood sticks crab flavoured, imitation crab sticks, seafood fish rolls (chikuwa), bean curd made from fish, sesame shrimp balls, shrimp and fish cakes (gyo), shrimp chips, steam prawn rolls (shrimp rolls), surimi fish nuggets (crab net or flavoured minced fish with crab sticks), Thai fish cakes, spice flavoured fish balls; processed vegetable products including yasai cakes, vegetable cakes, mixed vegetable balls (yasai balls), mushroom flavoured balls, seaweed-based products including seaweed rolls