Tinned foods being meat, fish, poultry and game, vegetable and fruit preserves, fats for food, gelatine for food, anchovy, bouillon, preparations for making bouillon, caviar, preserved mushrooms, pork-butchery, potato chips, sauerkraut, coconut-fat, colza oil for food, bouillon concentrates, crystallized fruits, jam, frozen fruits, consommes, shellfish for human consumption, especially molluscs, and more especially mussels, gherkins, cream (dairy products), croquettes, dates, fruit-peel, crayfish, preserved beans, fillet of fish, liver, liver pate, cheese, fruit jellies, frosted fruit pulp, fruit salads, preserved fruits, cooked fruits, jellies for food, fat-containing mixture for bread slices, meat of wild animals, herrings, preserved green vegetables, lobsters, oils for food, oysters, ham, yolk of egg, juice of meat, vegetables juice for cooking, milk, dairy products, lard for food, vegetable salads, preserved vegetables, cooked vegetables, dried vegetables, preserved lentils, maize oil, margarine, compote, mayonnaise, fish products, animal marrow for food, oil palm for food, prepared nuts, eggs, powdered eggs, preserved onions, olive oil for food, preserved olives, all kinds of fresh, preserved, dried, cooked, frozen or deep-frozen fish and shellfish for human consumption, pickles, preserved peas, fish, preparations for making soup, soups, tomato puree, raisins, lards, salad dressings, salted foods, sardines, sausages, salmon, tuna fish, tomato juice for cooking, sun flower oil for food, tripe, preserved truffles, meat , meat extracts, meat jellies, poultry, yoghurt, fresh, frozen or deep-frozen ready-cooked dishes based on meat, fish, poultry, game, fruits and/or vegetables