Tempeh; fermented soybeans; edible seeds; processed chia seeds; processed hemp seeds; edible nuts; canned fruits; canned vegetables; fruit-based snack foods; meat substitutes prepared from vegetables (textured vegetable protein); vegetable based meat substitutes; aerated beverages (predominantly of milk); almond milk beverages; coconut milk-based beverages; yoghurt beverages; soya milk; rice milk; burgers (meat patties); vegetable burgers (vegetable patties); cheese; non-dairy cheese; dairy products; yoghurt; fruit chips; processed fruits; processed nuts; frozen fruits; frozen vegetables; vegan foods consisting predominantly of vegetables; prepared meals made from fruit (fruit predominating); prepared meals, predominantly of meat or vegetables; canned beans; fruit based snack food; nut-based spreads; coconut cream; coconut milk; fruit puree; vegetable pastes (puree); vegetable-based dips; meat; meat extracts; meat products; fish (not live); seafood products; poultry products; fresh poultry; game products (meat); cooked fruits; dried fruit; prepared fruits; preserved fruits; cooked vegetables; dried vegetables; prepared vegetables; preserved vegetables; processed vegetables; fruit peel; fruit pulp; vegetable juices for cooking; fruit juice for cooking; pectin for culinary purposes; vegetable or fruit salads; salads containing meat; canned soups; soups; soup preparations; broth; broth concentrates; preserved soya beans; dried lentils; lentils, preserved; truffles, preserved; prepared olives; prepared nuts; processed peanuts; tofu; edible jellies made from meat, milk and vegetable products; jams; compotes; nut butter; peanut butter; butter; cocoa butter for food; coconut butter; eggs; milk; milk products; milk substitutes; desiccated coconut; gelatine for culinary purposes; hummus (chickpea paste); tahini (sesame seed paste); pollen prepared as foodstuff; Protein-based meat substitutes; whey; edible fats; edible oils; beverages consisting principally of milk; bouillon; soya (preserved); cream cheese; potato products; meat substitutes prepared from cereals