Tahini; Kimchi; Mixed pickles; Pickle relish; Pickled cucumbers; Pickled ginger; Pickled onions; Pickled vegetables; Relish (pickle); Pickles; Kefir; Jellies for food; Marmalade jellies; Ginger jam; Jams; Artichokes, preserved; Beans, preserved; Berries, preserved; Food products made from preserved nuts; Food products made from preserved vegetables; Garlic preserves; Lentils, preserved; Mushrooms, preserved; Onions, preserved; Oranges (preserved); Preserved beetroot; Preserved ginger; Preserved vegetables; Soya beans, preserved, for food; Tomato preserves; Truffles, preserved; Vegetable preserves; Pates; Vegetable pate; Tofu; Tofu patties; Prepared meals consisting principally of tofu; Tofu skin; Preserved chilli peppers; Chilli beans; Blended vegetable oils; Oils for food; Dried sausages; Sausages; Vegetarian sausages; Vegan foods consisting predominantly of vegetables; Soya desserts; Yoghurt drinks; Lactic acid drinks; Sauerkraut; Pickled gherkins; Gherkins; Food products made from preserved fruits; Fruit desserts; Fruit jams; Fruit jellies; Fruit jelly spreads; Fruit preserved in alcohol; Fruit preserves; Prepared desserts (fruit based); Sweet pickle (pickled fruit or vegetables); Candied fruits; Cooked fruits; Dried fruit; Crystallized fruits; Food products made from cooked fruits; Food products made from dried fruits; Fruit in syrup; Fruit flavoured yoghurts; Fruit, preserved; Fruit, stewed; Pickled fruit; Bean curd; Bean curd (processed vegetables); Preparations made wholly or principally of bean curd; Soya bean curd; Curd; Lemon curd; Vegetable pastes (puree); Eggplant paste; Aubergine paste; Fruit pastes; Garlic paste; Pastes made from fruit; Pastes made from nuts; Soup pastes; Pastes containing vegetables; Blended cheese; Blue cheese; Cheddar cheese; Cheese; Cheese based products containing fruit puree; Cheese containing herbs; Cheese containing spices; Cheese fondue; Cheese for grilling; Cheese for toasting; Cheese mixtures; Cheese products; Cheese toppings for pizzas; Combinations of cheese and vegetables; Cream cheese; Curd cheese; Prepared foods consisting principally of cheese; Processed cheese products; Ready grated cheese; Soft cheese; Soft cheese preparations; Cheese in powder form; Cheese souffles; Cheese spreads; Cheese sticks; Cheese wedges; Combinations of cheese and fruit; Fresh cheese; Prepared meals made principally of cheese; Processed cheese; Non-dairy butter; Non-dairy cheese; Non-dairy cream; Non-dairy creamers; Non-dairy yoghurt; Imitation cheese; Imitation cream; Imitation dairy spreads; Imitation milk; Imitation whipped cream; Artificial cream (dairy product substitutes); Meat substitutes; Meat substitutes prepared from soybeans (textured soy protein); Meat substitutes prepared from vegetables (textured vegetable protein); Vegetable based meat substitutes; Milk substitutes; Soya based dairy substitutes; Vegetable burgers (vegetable patties); Hummus; Cheese in the form of dips; Vegetable-based dips; Tomato dip; Spinach dip; Extra virgin olive oil for food; Olive oil; Olive oil dip; Olive oil for food; Olive paste; Olives, preserved; Prepared olives; Processed olives; Fruit salads; Potato salad; Vegetable salads