Rice milk; Rice milk for culinary purposes; Canned meat; Cold meats; Corned meat; Dehydrated crab meat; Dehydrated meat balls; Dried meats; Extracts of meat; Food pastes made from meat; Food products derived from meat; Food products made from meat; Freeze-dried meat; Fresh meat; Frozen meat; Frozen meat products; Frozen prepared meals consisting principally of meat; Luncheon meats; Meat; Meat products; Meat, canned; Meat, preserved; Meat, tinned; Minced meat; Pork products being cuts of meat; Prepared meals, predominantly of meat or vegetables; Prepared meat; Preserved meats; Salt meats; Salted meats; Sausage meat; Smoked meats; Smoked prepared meat; Snack foods consisting principally of meat; Snack foods made from meat; Steaks of meat; Tinned meats; Turkey meat; Canned vegetables; Cooked vegetables; Deep frozen vegetables; Dried vegetables; Freeze-dried vegetables; Frozen prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables; Frozen vegetables; Mixed vegetables; Mixtures of vegetables and herbs; Prepared vegetable products; Preserved vegetables; Preserves made from vegetables; Processed vegetables; Root vegetables (preserved); Snack foods made from dehydrated vegetables; Snack foods made from dried vegetables; Snack foods made from pre-cooked vegetables; Stir fry vegetables; Vegetable based food preparations; Vegetable extracts for the preparation of soups; Vegetable pastes (puree); Vegetable salads; Vegetables (processed); Vegetables, canned; Vegetables, cooked; Vegetables, dried; Vegetables, preserved; Vegetables, tinned; Canned fish; Deep frozen fish; Dried fish; Fish balls; Fish cakes; Fish eggs for human consumption; Fish extracts; Fish fingers; Fish in olive oil; Fish paste; Fish products; Fish sausages; Fish, canned; Fish, preserved; Fish, tinned; Food pastes made from fish; Food products consisting principally of fish; Food products derived from fish; Food products made of fish; Foods made from fish; Frozen cooked fish; Frozen fish; Frozen fish products; Preserved fish; Processed fish; Salt water fish; Salted fish; Smoked fish; Steaks of fish; Prawns (not live); Pre-fried prawn; Shelled prawns; Fresh frozen shrimps; Shrimps (not live)
Rice milk; Cooked lentils; Dried lentils; Lentils, preserved; Cooking oils; Edible oils; Dried fruit; Dried fruit products; Prepared fruits; Dry mixes for soups; Mixtures of vegetables and herbs; Ground nuts; Prepared nuts; Prepared snacks made from nuts; Curry (prepared meals of meat or vegetables); Prepared meals, predominantly of meat or vegetables; Dried pulses; Preserved prepared meat; Preserved vegetables; Preserved chilli peppers; Pickle relish; Prepared meals consisting principally of chicken; Prepared meals consisting principally of fish; Prepared meals consisting principally of meat; Prepared meals consisting principally of tofu; Prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables; Freeze-dried vegetables; Pastes containing vegetables; Prepared vegetables; Edible seeds; Drinks made from dairy products; Milk drinks; Yoghurt based drinks; Prepared desserts (fruit based); Prepared desserts (milk based); Coconut milk; Milk substitutes; Nut milk; Powdered beef; Powdered chicken; Soup powders; Yoghurt powder; Fish extracts; Meat extracts; Poultry extracts; Vegetable extracts for culinary purposes; Flavoured milk; Flavoured nuts; Flavoured yoghurts; Bouillon concentrates; Fruit concentrates; Vegetable concentrates; Preserved fruits; Frozen fruits; Frozen meat products; Frozen vegetables; Raisins; Fruit puree; Vegetable pastes (puree); Compotes; Croquettes; Dates; Falafel; Sweet corn, processed; Processed nuts; Edible flowers, dried; Flowers and leaves, being dried, cooked or preserved foodstuffs; Peanut milk for culinary purposes; Peanut milk-based beverages; Peanut paste; Processed peanuts; Aloe vera prepared for human consumption; Meat substitutes prepared from soybeans (textured soy protein); Meat substitutes prepared from vegetables (textured vegetable protein); Dried soya beans; Soya (prepared); Soya (preserved); Soya bean milk; Whey powder; Groundnut oil