pulses (foodstuffs); pulses (for food); chick peas; baked beans; canned beans; canned pulses; snack foods made from pulses; snack foods made from dehydrated, dried or pre-cooked vegetables; potato based snack food products; prepared snacks made from fresh vegetables; food products made from vegetables; food spreads consisting principally of vegetables for sandwiches; food preparations having a base of vegetables; food preserves; freeze-dried vegetables; oils for food; prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables; prepared meals consisting principally of tofu; prepared vegetable products; protein milk; edible seeds; processed edible seeds; food products made from seeds; seed-based snack bars; snack foods made from seeds; processed sesame seeds for human consumption; sesame oil for food; edible nuts; nut products for food; food products made from nuts; snack foods made from nuts; prepared snacks made from nuts; candied nuts; ground nuts; mixtures of nuts and dried fruits; mixtures of fruit and nuts; pastes made from nuts; preparations consisting wholly or principally of nuts; prepared nuts; processed nuts; roast nuts; salted nuts; dried coconuts; coconut butter; coconut cream; coconut milk; coconut oil for food; coconut, desiccated; linseed oil for food; linseed oils (edible); flaxseed oil for food; corn fats; corn oil for food; sweet corn (cooked); sweet corn (dried); sweet corn (preserved); tinned sweet corn; sweet corn, processed; maize oil for food; bean curd; bean curd (processed vegetables); beans, preserved; broad beans; chilli beans; dried soya beans; preparations made wholly or principally of bean curd; preserved beans; preserved soya beans; refried beans; soya bean curd; soya bean milk; soya bean milk in liquid and solid form; soya bean oil for culinary purposes; soya bean oil for food; soya beans, preserved, for food; sunflower oil for food; meat substitutes prepared from soybeans (textured soy protein); vegan foods consisting predominantly of vegetables; vegetable based food preparations; vegetable based meat substitutes; vegetable burgers (vegetable patties); canned soups; food spreads being a blend of edible oils and edible fats; food spreads consisting principally of edible fats or oils