Peas, canned; peas, preserved; peas, processed; pulses, canned; pulses, dried; pulses, prepared; pulses, processed; curd; dried dates; hummus, being chickpea paste; processed chickpeas; preserved chickpeas; canned chickpeas; canned processed olives; olive pastes; olives, preserved; olives, prepared; olives, dried; olives, cooked; olives, canned; processed olives; olive puree; baked beans; beans, prepared; beans, preserved; beans, processed; dried beans; beans, canned; processed lentils; preserved mushrooms; cut vegetables; canned vegetables; dried vegetables; bottled vegetables; unflavored and unsweetened gelatins; cut fruits; bottled fruits; vegetable extracts for culinary purposes; vegetable juices for cooking; processed fruits; fruit-based snack food; prepared meals consisting primarily of vegetables; jams; jellies for food; marmalade; spinach, frozen; spinach, cooked; spinach, canned; beets, processed; asparagus, processed; pre-cut vegetable salads; vegetables preserved in oil; sliced vegetables, canned; bean sprouts, processed; potato flakes; potatoes, preserved; fried potatoes; potatoes, processed; sweet potatoes, processed, spicy pickles; chile verde; eggplant parmigiana; peppers, prepared; chile rellenos; peppers, processed; charcuterie; garden salads; onions, prepared; onions, processed; onions, preserved; truffle juice; bean dips; chile con queso; lemons, processed; cooking oil; fruit paste; garlic-based spreads; vegetable-based spreads; potato dumplings; potato-based gnocchi; bouillon; bouillon concentrates; stock cubes; chowder; mixes for making soup; snails, cooked; snails, canned; snack mixes consisting of processed fruits or raisins; milk-based beverages containing fruit juice; potato sticks; peanuts, prepared processed roots for human consumption; legume salads; vegetable-based entrees; entrees consisting primarily of vegetables; apple sauce; compotes; lemon curd; Chantilly cream; creme fraiche, prostokvasha, being soured milk, processed seeds; olive; oil for culinary purposes; olive oil for food; olives stuffed with almonds; olives stuffed with red peppers; extra virgin olive oil for culinary purposes; tomato puree, mushroom puree; fruit purees; tomatoes, canned; tomatoes, preserved; tomatoes, processed; tomato extracts; tomato paste; peeled tomatoes; peeled plum tomatoes, canned; dried mushrooms; mushrooms, processed; mushrooms, prepared; truffles, preserved; dried truffles; pumpkin paste; eggplant paste; radicchio cream; cream of Porcini mushroom; artichoke paste; processed artichokes; grilled vegetables; prepared vegetables; preserved vegetables; processed vegetables; sliced vegetables; vegetable crisps; vegetable jellies; vegetable mousses; vegetable pastes; vegetable purees; pickles; pickled fruits; pickled vegetables; seaweed extracts for food; edible seaweed, processed; vegetable salads; edible seeds, processed; seed-based snack bars; fruit salads; crystallized fruits, frozen fruits; fruit, preserved; fruit pulp; fruits, canned; fruits, cooked; fruits, dried; sliced fruits; candied fruit snacks; soups; preparations for making soup; vegetable soup preparations; instant soup; soup, canned; soup concentrates; potato chips; eggs; milk; almond milk, being milk substitute; milk beverages, milk predominating; rice milk, being milk substitute; milk shakes; milk products, excluding ice cream, ice milk' and frozen yogurt; powdered milk; protein milk; lactose-free milk, milk ferments for culinary purposes; vitamin D-enriched milk; milk-based beverages containing coffee; milk-based beverages containing fruits; milk-based beverages flavored with chocolate, butter; cocoa butter for food, butter substitutes; cheese; cream, being dairy products; sour cream; cream cheese; cheese substitutes; yoghurt; drinking yoghurts; Greek yoghurt; beverages made with yoghurt; yoghurt-based beverages; dairy-based beverages; powdered cream, being dairy products; soya milk, being milk substitute; quark, being dairy product; coffee whiten; ers consisting primarily of dairy products; edible oils and fats
Peanut butter; Candied nuts; Edible nuts; Flavored nuts; Flavoured nuts; Food products made from cooked nuts; Food products made from dried nuts; Food products made from nuts; Food products made from preserved nuts; Ground nuts; Macadamia nuts, processed; Mixtures of fruit and nuts; Mixtures of nuts and dried fruits; Nuts, prepared; Pastes made from nuts; Preparations consisting wholly or principally of nuts; Prepared cashew nuts; Prepared nuts; Prepared snacks made from nuts; Processed nuts; Roast nuts; Roasted nuts; Salted nuts; Blended butter; Butter; Butter cheeses; Butter oil; Butter portions; Butter preparations; Butter with herbs; Buttercream; Buttermilk; Buttermilk products; Caviar butter; Clarified butter; Cocoa butter for food; Coconut butter; Concentrated butter; Garlic butter; Lemon butter; Non-dairy butter; Nut butter; Savoury butters; Spreads made from buttermilk; Artificial milk based desserts; Cream dessert toppings; Cream desserts; Dairy desserts (except ice cream or frozen yoghurt); Desserts in the form of puddings with a milk base; Desserts made from milk (except ice cream); Desserts made from milk products (except ice cream); Desserts made from yoghurt (except frozen yoghurt); Desserts made wholly or principally of dairy products; Fruit desserts; Instant desserts having a milk base; Milk based desserts (milk predominating); Milk desserts; Preparations with a milk base for use as desserts; Prepared desserts (fruit based); Prepared desserts (milk based); Soya desserts; Yoghurt desserts (except frozen yoghurt)