Non-dairy cream; meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; fruit sauces; eggs, milk and milk products; edible oils and fats; toppings, icings and fillings for bakery products, pastry and confectionery, the aforesaid toppings, icings and fillings being dairy or non-dairy, being frozen or non-frozen, and being ready-to-use or not ready-to-use; fruit fillings for bakery products, pastry and confectionery; caramel nut topping for bakery products, pastry and confectionery; liquid topping syrup for cakes and desserts; flavoured whipped toppings; milk-based desserts (milk predominating), cream desserts, yoghurt desserts; mixes for making bakery products or desserts; fruit sorbets; creams for use in the manufacture of bakery goods or confectionery; barbecue beef, barbecue poultry and barbecue pork; frozen food products being pork barbecue, beef barbecue, poultry barbecue, smoked beef, pork and poultry; whipped spread used as a substitute for margarine or butter; processed meats; frozen or refrigerated processed meat and meat entries; milk and milk products; cream and cream products; non-dairy products used as a substitute for milk and cream; artificial cream; non-dairy creamers; chocolate creams, buttercream, butter preparations; margarine; milk-based beverages, milk-based products, milk cream, milk powder and cream powder (other than for babies); whipped cream, imitation whipped cream, non-dairy whipped cream, imitation whipping cream, non-dairy whipping cream, cream cheese, cream dessert toppings, non-dairy dessert toppings, cream desserts, cream preparations containing milk, cream stabilizers, yoghurt, yoghurt-based drinks, yoghurt beverages, yoghurt desserts, yoghurt powder, yoghurt preparations, yoghurt products; cheese spreads, dairy spreads, fruit spreads, spreads consisting wholly or principally of dairy products, spreads made from vegetable oils; protein concentrates for foodstuffs, protein derived from soya beans for use as substitutes for dairy products; non-dairy products derived from soya bean oil; edible essences for foodstuffs (oils), edible oils, palm kernel oil, palm oil, edible fats, edible gelatine, edible products made from nuts, soya based edible oils, soya bean extracts, preparations made from soya, soya bean milk, soya bean based beverages, soya cream, soya desserts, soya milk, soya oil for food, soya protein food products for use as substitutes for foods, soya yoghurt; dried preparations for use as toppings for pizza, ingredients for making pizzas, pizza toppings, preparations for making pizza toppings, cheese toppings for pizzas; meat, meat products, prepared meat, prepared meat products, preserved meats, preserved prepared meat, processed meat products, food products containing meat, food preparations made from meat, food preparations consisting principally of meat products, prepared meals consisting wholly or principally of meat or meat products; chilled ready meals, chilled meals made from fish and/or meat and/or poultry, cooked meals consisting principally of meat or fish or poultry or seafood or vegetables; foodstuffs in the form of prepared meals, foodstuffs prepared in the form of meals, frozen cooked meals, frozen prepared meals, frozen ready meals, instant meals, precooked meals, pre-packed meals, prepared meals, preserved meals, ready-to-serve meals, frozen prepared meals; all consisting principally of fish or meat or poultry or vegetables; dairy puddings; pastry fillings of meat, pastry fillings of vegetables, pie fillings of meat, pie fillings of vegetables; all included in Class 29
Non-alcoholic egg nog; Non-alcoholic milk beverages (milk predominating); Soft cheese preparations; Bean curd (processed vegetables); Boiled vegetables; Deep frozen vegetables; Food products made from cooked vegetables; Food products made from dried vegetables; Food products made from preserved vegetables; Frozen vegetables; Mixed vegetables; Non-stick vegetable oil sprays for use in cooking; Peeled vegetables; Pickled vegetables; Preserves made from vegetables; Spreads made from vegetable oils; Vegetable extracts for culinary purposes; Vegetable fats (edible); Vegetable fats for cooking; Vegetable oil for culinary purposes; Vegetable oils (edible); Vegetables (processed); Vegetables, cooked; Vegetables, dried; Vegetables, preserved; Vegetables, tinned; Canned fruits; Cheese based products containing fruit puree; Cooked fruits; Dried fruit; Dried fruit products; Food products made from cooked fruits; Food products made from preserved fruits; Frosted fruits; Frozen fruits; Fruit preserves; Fruit-based snack foods; Fruits (processed); Fruits, cooked; Fruits, dried; Fruits, preserved; Mixed fruit; Tinned fruits; Edible seeds; Seeds prepared for human consumption; Sunflower seeds, prepared; seed-based snack bars; Coffee cream in the form of powder; Coffee whiteners; Flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; Cocoa butter; Drinks containing cocoa as flavouring for milk; Curry (prepared meals with or without rice); Fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; Cheese containing spices; Drinks flavoured with spices and having a base of milk; Dairy desserts (except ice cream or frozen yoghurt); Chilled foods consisting predominantly of meat; Combinations of cheese and meat; Extracts of meat; Meat; Meat based stock; Meat products; Vegetable based meat substitutes; Fish (not live); Food products consisting principally of fish; Fresh poultry; Poultry fat; Poultry products; Poultry, not live; Chilled foods consisting predominantly of game; Game (not live); Game products (meat); Meat extracts; Jelly crystals; Jams; Setting agents for jams; Sweet spreads (jams); Compotes; Egg products; Egg-based foodstuffs; Eggs; Prepared meals made of eggs (eggs predominating); Milk; Milk products; Powdered milk; Soya milk; Spreads derived from milk; Yoghurt made from goats milk; Edible oils; Nut oils; Olive oil; Edible fats; Food spreads being a blend of edible oils and edible fats; Milk powder (other than for babies); Prepared foods consisting principally of fruits; Prepared vegetable products