Meat, fish, poultry and game and meat extracts, including beef pieces (spiced and otherwise), beef powder (spiced and otherwise), spiced beef blend, cooked chicken, chicken mince, chicken soup, chicken powder (spiced and otherwise), chicken pieces (spiced and otherwise), chicken blend veal-chicken blend, veal, pork pieces (spiced and otherwise), pork powder (spiced and otherwise) all being finely minced, concentrated and/or dehydrated products; preserved, dried, minced, dehydrated and/or cooked food products, fruits and vegetables as are included in this class, including peas (reconstituted and dehydrated), peas (cooked and dried), carrots (diced and otherwise), potatoes (diced and otherwise), diced dates, date granules, ground almonds, onions (chopped and/or minced), kibbled onions; potatoes, tomatoes and onions in dehydrated or powdered form; edible oils, including oil of sesame and cottonseed Oil; preserves and pickles; dried orange peel, apple powder, apricot powder, blueberry juice powder, orange juice powder, cherry powder, grapefruit juice powder, hibiscus powder, mango powder, lemon juice powder, passionfruit powder, peach powder, pear powder, pineapple powder, raspberry juice powder, strawberry powder, rosehips powder, all being finely minced and/or dehydrated fruit and vegetable products, as are included in this class; and all other goods in this class (naturally occurring and otherwise) for use in or as dehydrated food products and/or products suitable for reconstitution