Margarine; margarine substitutes; fruit jellies; fruit compotes; fruit marmalade; fruit preserved; butter; aromatic butter; clarified butter; concentrated butter; garlic butter; butter with herbs; butter oil; seed butter; butter for use in cooking; coconut butter; savory butter; edible fats; edible oils for use in cooking foodstuffs; edible oils for glazing foodstuffs; corn fats; cooking fats; vegetable fats for cooking; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; flaxseed oil for culinary purposes; coconut oil and fat (for food); soft white cheese; cottage cheese preparations; tofu; vegetable milk beverages; cooking oils; soybean oil for cooking; olive oil; groundnut oil; dairy products and dairy substitutes; cheese sticks; lactic acid bacteria drinks; beverages made from milk or having a milk base; milk beverages, milk predominating; drinks made from dairy products; flavored milk beverages; milk drinks containing fruits; double cream; butter cream; dulce de leche (condensed milk); cream cheese; sour cream; preserved soya beans; soya (prepared); soya cheese; soya milk (milk substitute); soy based snack foods; yoghurt; flavored yoghurts; fruit flavored yoghurts; preparations for making yoghurt; custard style yoghurts; low fat yoghurts; fruit desserts; soya yoghurt; creamed vegetable; whipped cream; buttermilk; palm oil; corn oil; yoghurt-based beverages; dairy-based spreads; coconut desiccated; almonds; coconut flaked; coconut prepared; coconut processed; crystallized fruits; fruit chips; fruit paste; fruit pectin; fruit peels; fruit pulps; fruit rinds; fruits tinned; fruits dried; frozen fruits; fruit desserts; soya yoghurt; yoghurt desserts; glazed fruits; fruit juices for cooking; milk shakes; tomato juice for cooking; cheese spreads; sliced fruits; cut fruits; fruits preserved in alcohol; processed cherries; maraschino cherries; raisins; fruit topping; fruit based filling for cakes and pies; fruit based snack food; fruit based spreads; nuts, prepared; nut butter; nut topping; jellies for food; meat jellies; jams; eggs; non-alcoholic egg nog; non-alcoholic egg nog mixes; egg substitute; powdered eggs; milk; meals consisting primarily of meat, fish, poultry or vegetables; food package combinations consisting primarily of cheese; meat; processed fruit; potato pancakes; vegetable protein bits having a bacon flavor; vegetable spreads; vegetable paste; yoghurt drinks; desserts made from milk products; dairy-based spreads; flavored rice milk; rice milk with hazelnut; rice milk with almond; rice milk with coconut; rice milk with vanilla; rice milk with coffee; rice milk with barley; rice milk with ginseng; rice milk with cocoa; rice milk with chocolate; hazelnut flavored rice milk; rice milk with tea; rice milk with caramel; toffee flavored rice milk; fruit flavored rice milk; rice milk with pineapple; rice milk with pineapple and banana; rice milk with banana; rice milk with banana and strawberry; rice milk with red fruits; rice milk with red fruits and strawberry; rice milk with pea; rice milk with pea and red fruits; rice milk with acai; rice milk with acai and goji; rice milk with goji; rice milk with hazelnut; rice milk; rice milk with nuts; rice milk with fruits; candied fruit; candied nuts; processed fruits; almond milk (milk substitutes); milk of almonds for culinary purposes
Margarine; Creamers for beverages; Non-dairy creamers; Blends of edible oils and fats; Cooking oils; Edible oils; Food spreads being a blend of edible oils and edible fats; Non-stick vegetable oil sprays for use in cooking; Oils for food; Shortenings being mixtures of edible oils and edible fats; Spreads made from vegetable oils; Vegetable oils (edible); Cooked meals consisting principally of meat and vegetables; Cooked meals consisting principally of vegetables; Food preparations with a vegetable base; Food products made from cooked vegetables; Food spreads consisting principally of vegetables for sandwiches; Meat substitutes prepared from vegetables (textured vegetable protein); Prepared meals, predominantly of meat or vegetables; Prepared vegetable products; Snack foods made from pre-cooked vegetables; Vegetable food products; Vegetable juice concentrates for cooking; Vegetable shortening; Vegetables (processed); Vegetables, cooked; Cooking fats; Edible fats; Fats; Vegetable fats (edible); Ghee; Butter; Butter oil; Buttercream; Peanut butter; Spreads made from buttermilk; Cheese spreads; Food spreads consisting principally of dairy products; Food spreads consisting principally of edible fats; Food spreads consisting principally of edible oils; Hazelnut spreads; Nut-based spreads; Spreads made from dairy products; Sweet spreads (jams); Food made principally from milk; Food pastes made from meat; Food preparations consisting principally of meat; Food preparations having a base of vegetables; Food products made from cooked fruits; Food products made from cooked nuts; Jellies for food; Snack foods made from dried vegetables; Snack foods made from meat; Snack foods made from potatoes and wheat (potatoes predominating); Food products made from eggs; Food products made from nuts; Food products made from preserved fruits; Foodstuffs consisting of sausage meat; Snack foods made from eggs; Drinks flavoured with chocolate and having a milk base; Soup mixes