Liquid stock; Meat based stock; Seafood based stock; Stock cubes; Vegetable stock; Broth; Pastes containing fish; Pastes containing meat; Pastes containing vegetables; Pastes made from fruit; Pastes made from nuts; Soup pastes; Tomato paste; Vegetable pastes (puree); Butter; Chilled meals made from fish; Chilled meals made from meat; Chilled meals made from poultry; Edible oils; Edible fats; Dairy products; Food preparations made from meat; Food products derived from seafood; Food products made from meat; Vegetable food products; Jams; Sweet spreads (jams); Liver pastes; Cheese spreads; Fruit spread; Spreads consisting wholly or principally of dairy products; Spreads made from dairy products; Spreads made from vegetable oils; Pates; Food preparations consisting principally of meat products; Meat products; Prepared vegetable products; Seafood products; Milk products; Poultry products; Dried fruit products; Salads; Edible seeds; seed-based snack bars; Prepared soups; Soups; Tinned fish; Tinned fruits; Tinned meats; Tinned vegetables; Canned tomatoes; Condensed tomatoes; Preserved tomatoes; Tomato concentrates (puree); Tomato juice for cooking; Tomato preserves; Tomato puree; Tomatoes (canned); Tomatoes (preserved); Cooked vegetables; Edible vegetable oils; Food preparations having a base of vegetables; Frozen vegetables; Vegetable fats (edible); Vegetable juice concentrates for cooking; Vegetable oils (edible); Vegetables, tinned; Food pastes made from fish; Food pastes made from meat; Food pastes made from poultry