Junket tablets; Edible fish oil; Yogurt; Yogurt for drinking; Freeze-dried meat; Freeze-dried vegetables; Edible birds' nests; Seaweed extracts for culinary purposes; Seaweed extracts for food; Flaxseed oil for food; Grapeseed oil; Seafood (not live); Bean curd (processed vegetables); Edible processed seaweed; Fruits (processed); Processed algae for human consumption; Processed cheese; Processed cheese products; Processed cherries; Processed chia seeds; Processed edible seeds; Processed raisins; Processed seafood; Processed sesame seeds for human consumption; Soya bean oil for food; Blended vegetable oils; Canned vegetables; Dried vegetables; Fresh, pre-cut, ready to serve vegetables; Frozen vegetables; Prepared vegetables; Preserved vegetables; Vegan foods consisting predominantly of vegetables; Vegetable based meat substitutes; Vegetable burgers (vegetable patties); Vegetable extracts for culinary purposes; Vegetable fats for cooking; Vegetable pastes (puree); Vegetables (processed); Vegetables, canned; Vegetables, dried; Vegetables, preserved; Vegetables, tinned; Goat's milk; Goat's milk cheese; Oat milk; Protein milk; Rice milk; Rice milk for culinary purposes; Whole milk; Artificial cream (dairy product substitutes); Cream (dairy products); Dairy products; Dairy products in powder form; Spreads made from dairy products; Egg foo yung; Egg yolk solids; Egg-based dips; Eggs; Liquid egg yolks; Snack foods made from eggs; Yolk of eggs; Low sugar jams; Low sugar jellies; Cheese containing spices; Drinks flavoured with spices and having a base of milk; Fruit filling for pastry; Pastry fillings of vegetables; Dried bananas coated with honey
Junket tablets; Dried mushrooms; Mushroom concentrates; Mushroom consomme (bouillon); Mushroom puree; Mushrooms, prepared; Mushrooms, preserved; Prepared meals consisting principally of mushrooms; Preserved mushrooms; Processed mushrooms; Blanched nut kernels; Candied nuts; Edible nuts; Flavored nuts; Flavoured nuts; Food products made from cooked nuts; Food products made from dried nuts; Food products made from nuts; Food products made from preserved nuts; Ground nuts; Macadamia nuts, processed; Mixtures of fruit and nuts; Mixtures of nuts and dried fruits; Nut butter; Nut oils; Nut products for food; Nut-based spreads; Nuts, prepared; Pastes made from nuts; Preparations consisting wholly or principally of nuts; Prepared cashew nuts; Prepared nuts; Prepared snacks made from nuts; Processed nuts; Roasted nuts; Salted nuts; nut-based snack bars; Aspic powder; Cheese in powder form; Dairy based beverages and powders; Dairy products in powder form; Dried berries being whole, or in crushed or powder form; Dried milk powder; Flavoured milk powder for making drinks; Milk powder (other than for babies); Milk powder replacers; Powdered eggs; Powdered milk (other than for babies); Skimmed milk powder; Soup powders; Whey powder; Yoghurt powder; Artificial cream (dairy product substitutes); Cream (dairy products); Dairy desserts (except ice cream or frozen yoghurt); Dairy produce; Dairy products; Dairy puddings; Dairy spreads; Dairy-based dips; Desserts made wholly or principally of dairy products; Drinks made from dairy products; Food spreads consisting principally of dairy products; Fruit based dairy products; Imitation dairy spreads; Low fat dairy spreads; Soya based dairy substitutes; Spreads consisting wholly or principally of dairy products; Spreads made from dairy products; Blends of edible oils and fats; Edible almond oil; Edible essences for foodstuffs (oils); Edible fish oil; Edible oils; Fish in olive oil; Linseed oils (edible); Oil-based fondue; Jelly crystals