Jams, marmalade, conserves, preserves, and all other spreads in this class; peanut butter; chocolate nut butter; butter, margarine, diet margarine, cooking oils, cooking fats and other edible oils and fats; preserved vegetables; canned vegetables; cooked vegetables; dried vegetables; frozen vegetables; fresh, pre-cut, ready to serve vegetables; vegetable salads; processed vegetables; vegetable juices for cooking; pickled vegetables; pickles; preserved fruit; canned fruit; cooked fruit; dried fruit; frozen fruit; crystallised fruit; fruit pie fillings (canned); prepared seeds; dates; raisins; eggs, preserved eggs, white of eggs and yolk of eggs; dairy spreads; cream including whipped cream; cheese and cheese products including cream cheese with fruits, fat-free edible quark and fruit and herb quark; yoghurts including fruit yoghurt, herb yoghurt, diet yoghurt and drinking yoghurt; game; meat substitutes prepared from vegetables (textured vegetable protein); meat, meat products, meat extracts, canned meat, curried meat and meat stew with dumplings; freeze dried meat; poultry and curried poultry; chicken and chicken pieces (fresh or frozen); seafood, seafood products and frozen seafood; fish; freeze dried fish; fish fingers; frozen fish foods; canned fish including canned tuna; ready meals consisting of meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and/or pasta; preserved beans; baked beans (canned); burgers; canned foods; soups (canned or packet) and preparations for making soup; prepared meals in this class including frozen prepared meals; canned meals in this class including canned meals containing meat, including braised steak and onion, stewed steak and curry meals with meat; mashed potato (instant); coconut cream and coconut milk for cooking; broth and broth concentrates; preserved garden herbs; weed extracts for food; nuts (prepared), peanuts (processed or salted) and almond meal; preserved pulses; stock cubes; potato crisps and snack foods; alcohol-free mixed milk drinks (not with added cocoa or chocolate); dessert meals based on milk; skimmed milk, powdered milk, tinned milk, cows' milk and cows' milk products, concentrated milk, condensed milk, liquid milk; cream for nutrition purposes, dairy products including powdered cream or blended cream; sweetened whey powder; blancmanges (ready made); compotes; gelatine; jellies and preparations for making jellies
Jams; marmalades; compotes; preserved fruit; frozen fruits; stewed fruit; dried fruits; fruit mousses; fruit pastes; candied fruits; crystallized fruits; fruit preserved in alcohol; processed fruit compositions; prepared nuts; candied nuts; flavored nuts; prepared hazelnuts; fruit-based snack food; fruit chips; fruit jellies; fruit pulps; fruit purees; canned fruits; fruit salads; dates; fruit peels (fruit zests); preserved olives; frozen olives; dried olives; olive mousses; olive pastes; pickled olives; olive-based snack foods; olive jellies; olive pulps; fruit purees; canned olives; preserved vegetables; frozen vegetables; cooked vegetables; dried vegetables; vegetable mousses; vegetable pastes; confit of vegetables; crystallized vegetables; vegetables preserved in alcohol; processed vegetable compositions; vegetable-based snacks; vegetable chips; vegetable fritters; vegetable jellies; vegetable pulps; mashed vegetables; potato flakes; preserved truffles; canned vegetables; vegetable salads; tomato paste; vegetable juices for cooking; vegetable juices for cooking; pickles; gherkins; edible olive oils; edible oils; edible fats; fats for food; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; coconut fat; lard for food; fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; albumen for culinary use; alginates for culinary use; gelatin; jellies for food; preserved soya beans for food; processed sunflower seeds; prepared seeds; ground almonds; processed peanuts; potages (soups); consommes (soups); preparations for making soup; bouillons; preparations for making bouillon; milk; curd; whey; rennet; soy milk (milk substitute); non-alcoholic egg nog; albumin milk; sweetened condensed milk; peanut milk for culinary use; almond milk for culinary use; rice milk (milk substitute); powdered milk; dairy products; milkshakes; mousses mainly consisting of milk or dairy products; dairy-based dessert creams; milk-based spreads; beverages mainly consisting of milk or dairy products; milk beverages containing fruit; unflavored or flavored fermented dairy products; milk beverages, milk predominating; yogurts; drinking yogurts; milk-based desserts; milk ferments for culinary use; butter; peanut butter; cocoa butter for food; coconut butter; margarine; buttercream; cream (dairy product); whipped cream; cheeses; cheese specialties; culinary specialties based on milk and dairy products; eggs; powdered eggs; prepared fish eggs; egg yolk; egg white; charcuterie; bacon; salted meats; sausages; sausages; game; poultry; meat; preserved meat; dried meat; cooked meat; tripe; meat pies [pates]; meat jellies; meat extracts; canned meat; fish, not live; preserved fish; fish in brine; fish fillets; fish mousses; fish meal for human consumption; crustaceans, not live; preserved crustaceans; crustacean mousses; fish extracts; crustacean extracts; foods prepared from fish; crustacean-based food; canned fish; canned crustaceans; caviar; seaweed extracts for food; lecithin for culinary use; pectin for food; food preparations and cooked dishes based on the aforesaid goods
Jams; Low sugar jams; Fresh meat; Frozen meat; Frozen meat products; Meat; Meat products; Roasted meat; Smoked meats; Goat's milk; Goat's milk cheese; Yoghurt made from goats milk; Beef; Beef products; Lamb; Lamb products; Frozen seafood; Seafood products; Abalone (not live); Clams, not live; Fish (not live); Fresh fish (not live); Lobsters (not live); Oysters (not live); Poultry, not live; Prawns (not live); Salmon, not live; Seafood (not live); Milk; Milk cream; Milk drinks; Milk products; Vegetable juice concentrates for cooking; Vegetable juices for cooking; Eggs; Food products made from meat; Food products made from nuts; Food products made from preserved vegetables; Food products made of fish; Jellies for food; Oils for food; Vegetable food products; Beef stock; Corned beef; Blue cheese; Cheese; Fresh cheese; Processed cheese; Chilli; Coconut cream; Coconut milk; Dried fish; Dried fruit; Vegetables, dried; Butter oil; Cooking oils; Nut oils; Olive oil; Sesame oil for food; Sunflower oil for food; Vegetable oil for culinary purposes; Vegetable oils (edible); Frozen chips; Frozen fish; Frozen vegetables; Baked meat; Cooked meat; Corned meat; Dried meats; Meat burgers (meat patties); Meat jellies; Meat paste; Meat, canned; Pork products being cuts of meat; Salads containing meat; Vegetable based meat substitutes; Dried mushrooms; Mushrooms, prepared; Chilled meals made from meat; Chilled meals made from poultry; Prepared meals consisting principally of seafood; Prepared meals made principally of cheese; Food products derived from seafood; Frozen seafood products; Processed seafood; Seafood based stock; Seafood-based dips; Drinks flavoured with chocolate and having a milk base; Milk-based beverages flavoured with chocolate; Dairy desserts (except ice cream or frozen yoghurt); Desserts made from milk (except ice cream); Desserts made from milk products (except ice cream); Cheese toppings for pizzas; Canned vegetables; Dried vegetables; Drinks flavoured with spices and having a base of milk; Fruit based snack food; Snack foods made from eggs; Snack foods made from meat; nut-based snack bars
Jams; Sweet spreads (jams); Marmalade; Olives, preserved; Prepared olives; Processed olives; Olive oil; Olive oil for food; Blends of edible oils and fats; Cooking oils; Edible oils; Fruit jams; Fruit marmalade; Fruit spread; Spreadable fruit; Canned fruits; Cooked fruits; Dried fruit; Dried fruit products; Frozen fruits; Fruit based snack food; Fruit compote; Fruit concentrates; Fruit conserves; Fruit contained in syrup; Fruit desserts; Fruit fillings; Fruit flavoured yoghurts; Fruit pastes; Fruit preparations in syrup; Fruit preserves; Prepared fruits; Preserved fruits; Processed fruits; Fruit pie fillings; Fruit filling for pastry; Pastry fillings of meat; Meat products; Pie fillings of meat; Preparations made from meat; Prepared meat products; Cheese; Cheese products; Combinations of cheese and fruit; Combinations of cheese and meat; Processed cheese products; Vegetable oils (edible); Pastry fillings of vegetables; Combinations of cheese and vegetables; Cooked meals consisting principally of meat and vegetables; Food spreads consisting principally of vegetables for sandwiches; Frozen prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables; Mixed vegetables; Peeled vegetables; Pickled vegetables; Vegetables (processed); Vegetables, cooked; Vegetables, dried; Vegetables, preserved; Vegetables, tinned; Dairy products; Food preparations consisting wholly or substantially wholly of milk; Food products made from cooked fruits; Food products made from meat; Food products made from cooked vegetables; Food products made from preserved vegetables; Food spreads consisting principally of dairy products; Food products derived from seafood; Food products made from cooked nuts; Food products made from eggs; Food products made from nuts; Pastes containing vegetables; Vegetable pastes (puree); Vegetable pulps (puree) for culinary purposes; Marmalade jellies; Fruit jellies; Jellies for food; Food preparations having a base of vegetables; Vegetable-based food
Jams; Raspberry jam; Low sugar jams; Ginger jam; Fruit jams; Chilli beans; Chilli con carne; Preserved chilli peppers; Peppers (prepared); Preserved peppers; Broth; Broth concentrates; Dehydrated beef broth; Meat broth concentrates; Dehydrated chicken broth; Beef fat; Blends of edible oils and fats; Coconut fat; Cooking fats; Pickled peppers; Mixed pickles; Pickle relish; Pickled cucumbers; Pickled eggs; Pickled fish; Pickled fruit; Pickled gherkins; Pickled ginger; Pickled onions; Pickled pigs feet; Pickled vegetables; Pickles; Relish (pickle); Sweet pickle (pickled fruit or vegetables); Smoked fish; Smoked mackerel; Smoked meats; Smoked salmon; Smoked prepared meat; Smoked sausages; Cheese spreads; Crab spread; Dairy spreads; Food spreads being a blend of edible oils and edible fats; Food spreads consisting principally of dairy products; Food spreads consisting principally of edible fats; Food spreads consisting principally of edible oils; Food spreads consisting principally of vegetables for sandwiches; Fruit jelly spreads; Fruit spread; Hazelnut spreads; Imitation dairy spreads; Insect-based spreads; Insect larvae based spreads; Lemon spread; Low fat dairy spreads; Nut-based spreads; Spreads consisting of hazelnut paste; Spreads consisting wholly or principally of dairy products; Spreads containing principally hazelnut paste; Spreads derived from milk; Spreads made from buttermilk; Spreads made from dairy products; Spreads made from vegetable oils; Sweet spreads (jams); Vegetable-based spreads; Malted milk for culinary purposes